Congratulations. This is my page.

I'm Ashtoreth Hostility, but you can call me Ashy. I was born on November 22nd at 12:29PM, and I'm told that I was conceived on Valentine's Day.

I'm turning into something called Prickvixen. I hope you'll all come and watch. I also write and draw and try to make sense of things.

I am going to share myself on this page because I want you to know what I am, and I know very soon you will want to hear the things I have to say.

If you've never read my journal, starting from the beginning works best.

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If you wish to talk to me, you may email me at . I will try to reply in a timely manner but do not guarantee to answer all your questions... I reserve the right to be evasive.

Entry 9-27-06

You would think, given that I went to the University of Florida, with its emphasis on sports, that I'd have gone to a lot of football games. You might take into account that I had several friends who played football in high school, I was a degree of separation away from Emmitt Smith, etc. But I only ever went to a single game. Jimmy and I went to McDonald's, in another attempt to consume our weight in cheeseburgers, and a radio station promo guy was out front, giving stuff away. You had to answer questions, but answering correctly did not seem a priority. I answered and won the Faith No More album; Jimmy answered and got the football tickets I passed up because I didn't go to football games. It was homecoming, and Florida was playing Furman.

Consequent to having almost never gone to a football game, I've learned two basic facts about them.

One: it is vitally important that one drink heavily beforehand, to the point where one is insensate. Then you walk to the game. This is something I learned by observing my friend Tim and his friends ('redneck buddies') from back home, as they spent all morning on game days drinking. If you wait til you get to the stadium before you begin, you might not catch a buzz until half-time, and by the time the half-time show is over, you might even be coming down from it. This will not do. Also, the beer in the stadium is something like $3.50 a cup, compared to the same amount for a case of Old Milwaukee from Albertson's, and there's a real possibility you'll have to leave your seat to obtain any in a timely fashion, with all the difficulties this entails. If you're a student or alumnus, there's a remote chance that you'll get a discount, but not likely. This is where the concessions stand makes its money, from alumni who drove up and were unable to drink along the way. I suspect RV sales are largely driven by the need to circumvent open-container laws.

What the necessity for deep inebriation says about football games, given other events and conditions under which drunkenness is highly advised, I will not go into.

Two: you will do a lot of standing and sitting. I don't mean at moments when you wish to show support for your team; this will be involuntary. Someone in or near the front row will stand, maybe to see something further down the field, despite the stadium being an enormous open bowl with the field at its focus. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter, for they shall do it. Then the people behind this person will be forced to stand in order to see anything, then the people behind them will be forced to stand, and so on, until you are standing, despite your wanting to sit still because you're in an enormous concrete and metal bowl open to the sun in Florida.

Jimmy and I were not drunk. We did do a lot of standing and sitting, which I did not have to pay for.

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5-8-01I start you with a very grim episode from my past. I assure you, my pets, if you withstand this and return for more I will almost never ask you to endure anything worse. Let's call this an exercise to eliminate the weak. Read on.

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