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Entry 10-5-05 (originally written 10-3-05)
The future is always anticlimactic.

I fed my pet spider with another spider.

I may have willed the newcomer to die. It was smaller with thicker legs, and I was worried it might be poisonous and might bite me while I was on the toilet. I corraled it under a plastic cup for a minute, then freed it unharmed. I noticed it was moving around oddly, as though it was missing a leg, but it had all eight. I left. When I returned a few minutes later, it had keeled over dead. I nudged it over to beneath the web of my pet spider, which ignored the corpse. That was a couple of days ago.

Tonight I noticed my pet spider had hoisted the newcomer into its web and was feeding on it. It makes a very large meal. The thought of cannibalism arouses me faintly, although I know it's not unusual for spiders. My pet is making a sort of humping motion against its prey, which I'm sure is to create hydrostatic pressure to help pump out the dead spider's liquefied innards, but it's quite sexual-looking, which doesn't abate my libido. Perhaps this morning I'll masturbate to thoughts of spiders feeding.

The thing in the ceiling has been quiet lately. Perhaps it scrabbled south for the winter.

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