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Entry 10-9-05
Surprise, I do write lyrics occasionally.

pop vs punk (incomplete)

You come on all warm and sympathetic
I may be the one who's cold and synthetic
but you'll never know what it's like to be original
You conform by making sure you're so individual
Your 'real life test' is: when you get what you want,
can you keep from being all that you fought?

People say I'm unusual, I can't sense that it's true
but I can feel it when I'm bitten by you
My heart springs a leak and they turn round and flee
but when you're the actor it's reviewed seriously
What is it inside that you fear so much
that you have to cover it with me?

You can't bear the substance but you'll wear the mask
Peel back the glitter and the gold leaf and spend it like cash
You'll never know how dark it is to be real
and having all your virtues mark you like weals
When you lose your way, keep glowing, glow-worm!
'cause I'll always have more light to steal...

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