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Entry 4-10-03 (originally written 4-8-03)
I was walking.

7:25 PM: Left the Glendale Galleria with a bag full of Carl's Jr. food. Six Dollar Burger, fish and chips. Tried to roll up the top and carry it that way but one of the cartons started tearing through the bag.

7:29 PM: Passed a man who asked for something to eat. He had asked before. I continued walking about fifty feet before going back and handing him the fries I wasn't planning on eating. He seemed surprised that I had assented to his request.

7:32 PM: Was halted by the sight of strawberry shake spattered on the terrace in front of the Alex. I can't see strawberry shake anymore without thinking of Lavender's doll blood. It looked like a crime scene to me. I wondered if it was an omen.

7:33 PM: Passed the Scientology storefront. Their recruiting activity was blocking the sidewalk. A girl offered me a flier. "Here you go, dude," she said. "No thank you," I said curtly and softly. "Whoa!" she said.

7:35 PM: Realized the french fry carton was what was ripping the bag. Rolled up the top and carried it that way.

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