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Entry 4-28-02
Deviant behavior.

Sometimes I think I can see a decaying proton. I see a tiny little flash in my vision, an instantaneous pinpoint of kaleidoscopic pink-blue light. Probably just a brain tumor, an imbedded twin. I saw one tonight while making dinner, an amazingly bad cut of meat I bought at Meijer. It was probably some grade C meat they hadn't bothered to grind into 80/20 hamburger.

I walked in the store and was immediately confronted by some sort of firebell which goes off if you kick the doors open, I suppose, since that's what I did. They open too slowly for me. Maybe it was a shoplifter detector.

My second confrontation was with the goth girl. Well, not really a confrontation. I lusted after her but she didn't notice. I saw a very pale face with red-painted lips and surrounded by black hair. She was well into the territory between 'chunky' and 'fat' which has never made any particular difference to me. The girl was there with her parents and didn't seem any too pleased about it. She wore a loose top, and black raver pants which concealed an enormous ass. I so wanted her to notice me, if only to sneer at me, but she was absorbed with hating her parents. Sometimes I'm so pathetic.

At the self-serve checkout line this farmer-type was behind me, watching my every move. My total was just under $15, so I paid with fives. The machine spat one out, and as I tried another it spat that one out, too. I glanced at the farmer as I snarled and tugged the corner of one of the fives with my teeth before trying it again. The machine took it. I took the other five, gave it a stern look and shook it. These actions made the second $5 bill acceptable as well. I glanced at the guy again, grabbed my stuff and left.

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