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Entry 11-28-02
...and a doughnut with no hole is a danish.

Those who wonder why so many peace-and-love drug cultures devolve into apathetic stoner circles would do well to remember that primitive cultures whose worship involves mind-altering substances usually back it up with a large dose of violence and conformity.

Your village of peaceful, drug-using natives is peaceful because for generations, every one of them who dissented had their brains bashed out. They live in peace with their neighbors because of the centuries of slaughter they grew to abhor; they are in harmony with nature because of all the famine and disease they brought upon themselves and barely survived.

You can't intellectualize peace or respect for others or respect for the environment. You can only suffer the consequences of your disregard for these things, and perhaps survive and come to a realization that they are necessary; or maybe you just die.

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