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Entry 10-24-02
Yes, I know.

When I was in high school, I had a friend whose dad was in the Mafia. Or so my friend said, anyway. Naturally I wanted to get in on this. And he told me that the Mafia doesn't just let you join up because you want to; you have to already have something that they want before they'll let you in. That's how it is in the music business today. Maybe always. But there is a conception of unknown, unproven artists being 'discovered,' which, I'm afraid, simply does not happen.

My friend told me the Mafia isn't there to make you rich; they want you to have your own money and your own rackets going before they'll have anything to do with you, and then they're quite happy to take a piece of what you're earning. What can you do for them? Likewise, record companies don't want to know you unless you've already produced and distributed an album, gotten yourself a following, promoted yourself, etc. Then they'll let you earn for them.

Once you're in the mob, sure, there's power and prestige, but that is dependent upon the guy above you getting a piece of what you fight to pull in off the street, and the boss gets his share first, even if you're thin that month, even if there is no fucking share. Short the boss too often, and you know what happens.

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