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Entry 1-23-03
an open letter to the White House.

To: President George W. BUSH, et al.

Hello. You don't know me, but I wanted to state that I support the imminent war upon Iraq. Don't act so surprised... it's obvious that you intend to carry it through, regardless of anyone else's opinion, and I support this, whatever your reasons may be; bringing freedom to the oppressed, preventing the use of chemical weapons, or grabbing oil... especially if your goal is primarily to control oil resources. The less regard you have for the wishes of the world, the better; the greater your disdain for human decency, the more pleased I am; the more offensive and self-concerned and heedless and hypocritical you appear to everyone else, the more you serve my purposes. Because maybe, just maybe your actions will help bring about the downfall of man and usher in a new dark age. And I'm all for that. Not because it's foretold in the Bible, which is the reason many of your supporters seek this outcome, but simply for its own sake. Humanity has had its time. I want to see everything fall down, as I know you do, for which your self-loathing cries out; for you're rational people, and you understand that something which harms the world will also harm you; you know deep inside that there will be no Rapture, that you will suffer along with everyone else. And I'm happy to let you pursue this. It's what I want. The further you go down this road, the more you are my servant. How fortunate I am, that the ruler of the world will do my bidding without being asked.

This is not an ironic admonishment of your actions; I truly wish to see your plans carried through. But my good wishes are predicated upon the desire to see everything cave in, to see humanity fall; and this is a genuine desire. This is no attempt at humor. It will be painful for me to watch, but I believe the ultimate goal, my goal, is a worthy one. I wish you the best of luck. See you in Baghdad.

-- A. K.

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