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Entry 12-30-01
"We're getting some interference from the structure."

The transsexual is the new nigger.

The quality of life of the American transsexual today is equivalent to that of blacks in the late 19th century. Invisible to society as human beings, numbering too few to matter, afforded only a semblance of legal rights, typically fired from their jobs or evicted from their homes when discovered, their aspect a joke in the mainstream and even among those who consider themselves open-minded, having little representation, few advocates, lumped in with gay and lesbian organizations which frequently do not want them, driven underground, scorned, dismissed, a joke, an embarrassment. Transsexuals are regularly targets of verbal and physical assault because of what they are. The homicide rate among transsexuals is several times higher than that of the general population; the transsexuals themselves are blamed for this, the justification for their murder being that they weren't forthright about their original sex. Transsexuals have been known to die on the scene of an attack because paramedics refused to touch them. Their deaths elicit little concern among the police. Their only remotely positive stereotype is concerned with their sexual mystique; they are 'she-male' playthings, performing for the amusement of real human beings.

I do not expect people to love everyone. That's contrary to human nature. But understand that when black people were slaves, they did not placidly acquiesce to their slavery... they did everything they could to interfere with their exploitation, took every chance to escape and help others escape, even if it meant death.

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