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30 September 2000

No OOC posting on last week's toon?!? Oh! I'm so sad. :-( Did you think I was gone forever?

Let's try again this week. A toonish medal of bravery to everyone that posts the new toon to the FSM OOC board. :-) Don't forget to send me email if you do. I'd hate to think Brian's taking them off the OOC board and I missed them.

I have a short reply to recent email.

24 September 2000

Melissa's note couldn't have been timed better. I had this one on the drawing board two weeks ago. :-) I'm sorry I didn't have anything ready last week, and I'd like to thank the folks that wrote asking if I'd gone away. No such luck for Slippy and his band of pirates...

Another toonish medal of bravery for the first person who posts the new toon to the FSM OOC board. (I've got to put a page of these up. Anybody got a good medal GIF?)

03 September 2000

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that's all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war
--The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again"

The Who is the inspiration for this week's toon, and I got the idea for the whole puppet thing from Tatsuya Ishida's "Sinfest".

Here's some good news for FSM Refugees.

I'm looking for you all at MephitFurMeet -- I'll bring chips for the Dead Dog tomorrow tonight!

NEW buttons! Even more link-to-here have-fun buttons!

27 Aug 2000

And this week a sad look at the damage the clueless leader has done.
BUTTONS! Brand new link-to-here have-fun buttons!

20 Aug 2000 And now a light-hearted look this week at the fearless (and clueless!) leader!
12 Aug 2000 Another wonderful Old FSN Cartoonist toon! He says "This one's for Mystique's player who didn't deserve the treatment she got, nor would any innocent party.
More wonderful Old FSN toons including some that were NEVER USED!
BUTTONS! Brand new link-to-here have-fun buttons!
30 July 2000

Back from toonish heaven! Some of the toonish gods had even seen my site -- they said it didn't suck!! I think they were just being nice. :-) Enjoy the new toon and I'll try to get to email and comments later this week.
Also, I think we have enough buttons to run a short poll now. Last chance to get toon link buttons in!

23 Jul 2000 Sorry, No new toon this week. I'm out of town, communing with the toonish gods. Besides, last week's toon was too, too perfect. :-)

One quick piece of mail from someone that dodged the bullet. Attribution permissions now given, thank you! Last week's mail from the Old FSN Cartoonist and Mystique's friend are still available, of course.

To all those artsy types out there: Thanks for the link icons. There's still time to get yours in, so keep them coming!

16 Jul 2000

Well friends, looks like Slip missed... and look at who he hit. He may have purged folks he didn't like, but he sure as hell missed any of my characters. Good shootin' Tex. :-) Will you be killing any other innocent bystanders on your way out? Probably just folks you don't know, so I guess that's OK.

I think I'll let him speak for himself. ...and what's this rumor I hear that other folks have political toons about FSM? Don't keep it secret, guys, Tell! Tell! I'll be more than happy to link to your page. If you're taking any heat from Slip's Posse, and your toons need a good home, send 'em to me. We can make this a one-stop "bile-filled hate site..."

Slipstream seems to be his own worst enemy! He annoys the nicest people. Bob, please tell Mystique I'm so sorry for how badly she was treated by Slipstream. Nobody deserves what he did to her. I hope she finds a nicer place to play, and nicer people to play with.

I've got to say, with brave new friends like these (and Slip's ability to put both feet in his mouth) this is getting easier every day.

This weeks toonish medal of bravery goes to Davin, the daredevil who posted the new toon to the OOC board! Davin is exactly right, too, about deciding for yourself. Ask questions. Think. Don't let anyone else decide for you.

I've been getting requests for link buttons, too! Any artistic volunteers want to send me a button? :-)

09 Jul 2000 Many thanks to Lord Gala'maDred for posting new toon announcment on OOC board. Please accept a toonish medal of bravery as a reward! (Collect the whole set!)

Well, excitement on FSM! That's certainly different. I've received some very interesting mail, too. Expect something special this weekend.

02 July 2000 To all the Canadians, hope you had a HAPPY CANADA DAY!!
To all the US people HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!
And more Old FSN Toons! Look at bottom of the Old FSN toons page.
18 June 2000 Sorry this [the father's day toon] is a little slow today but I thought of it last night. Happy Father's Day! to everyone!
04 June 2000 Life is busy so replies to email (I have email! They like me! They really like me!) will be up later today. Didn't want to make you wait any longer for your weekly toon dose though so here it is!

And here it is! First response is to MacRae's email. Sorry everyone's not answered yet, but I think these are important questions people are asking, and I want to give them serious answers. Be patient with me please and I'll get to you all!

28 May 2000 Hello, boys and girls! Today 28 May 2000 I'm proud to announce *MANY* new things on this happy little site. New toons, both old FSN toons and the Sunday special! New permission from the Old FSN Toonist - he likes me! He really likes me! Except for my inking technique but I know that needs work. :-) New email comments! New replies to email! And a BIG BIG THANK YOU! to the daring people who sent me the logs and pmails that inspired today's toon!
24 May 2000 Today we have some of the old political cartoons from FSN up! If you know the artist, please ask him to contact me? I'd like to get his permission to put his wonderful toons up.
17 May 2000 On 17 May 2000 this site goes public on FurryMuck AND FurrySpaceMuck! Kisses and hugs to Slipstream for posting the note on FSM about this happy site. I knew that none of the things I'd heard about him were true... :-)

For the record, 6 people declined to post a notification of this site on FSM! Do you ever wonder why we can't speak freely on FSM? ...unless we're saying nice things on the OOC board about the wizzes, of course.... :-)

This is a brand new political cartoons page for me (toon). It was going to be for the Furry Space News too but they didn't return my e-mail, so they lose! If you see something silly, interesting, or just wrong happen on FSM, please send logs of it to me and I will try to make a political cartoon out of it.

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