Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 09:18:40 +0200
From: Anonymous
Subject: FurrySpace

I'm a FurrySpace player, (please don't include my E-mail addy?) I like the place. But that's not why I write this letter, It is not to start yelling at you nor is it to criticise your behaviour.

All are welcome to express their opinion here. Thank you for writing.

What has been troubling my mind since I first encountered your site is how you are able to go on, you keep pointing out the faults and failures of FSM, but what is your reward in it all. Looking once again at your page I see only letters yelling at your activities, and two small ones that does the opposite. What do you think you have accomplished with this?, as your positive feedback seems rather low.

You are so right. The notes I've posted are more critical than complimentary. Don't confuse what is posted with what I receive, however. Many folks ask I not respond publically, since they're afraid that the wizzes will try to hurt them. (Isn't that a telling indictment of Brian's/Slipstream's "leadership"?) I can't blame them, really. The wizzes of FSM have shown that even the most distant contact with me is a death knell. (I can see the secret Wizard's Conclave now: What? You know someone that knows the person that hosts the website where toon lives? Off with their head!)

Also, I count the numerous tips, logs and ahem inside information I have recieved to be "positive feedback." I can't be in all places at all times, but because of the kindness of these informants I have been able to get a lot of timely information. Yes, there is quite enough "positive feedback" to keep me happy, but thank you for your concern. :-)

Also, I think my count of the notes is different from yours. Frankly, I value good questions and reasoned arguement more than people agreeing with me.

I'll also point out that I do not do this because I want other people to tell me how wonderful I am. I do this to "share my anger" with those that I feel deserve it. I have seen too many online friends of long standing mistreated, chased off FSM and FS@FM, had their work stolen, or just leaving because of the actions of Brian Johnson and his gang of ruffians. My toons give me a way I can speak out on the abusive, shabby treatment of others I see without exposing myself to retributive strikes by FSM management.

Seriously, how long do you think my character(s) (if any :-) would last on FSM if Brian/Slipstream knew who I was?

In general, the culture of "furry fandom" avoids discord or the appearance of conflict at the cost of honesty. Everyone must "always get along in yiffy harmony" -- even though it's all a lie... It is usually the person who can act the most wounded or is more melodramatically "hurt", or just screams the loudest that wins any argument. I'm going to continue to speak out, and expose the nasty things going on where I see them. (The silly things, too. :-)

I can only hope that other folks will realize that they don't have to lie to keep the peace or just "grin and bear it." You can only lie to yourself for so long before you become just as sick.

Are there any persons that has, by the discouragement of your site, considered not to join FSM. Are there any milestones you think you've passed since the start of your site?

Yes. I know several that have left, sending me email saying I was right about FSM, after they'd experienced it for themselves. As to people that have been discouraged from joining -- there really isn't any way to track that. For all I know, folks have seen my stuff and joined FSM because it looked k3wl. (There's a creepy thought. :-)

My site isn't about keeping people from FSM. It's about pointing out things that are wrong, or mean, or silly, or just plain dumb. There's a lot of stuff that goes on at FSM that is kept secret, or is decided without anything resembling public debate. As long as Brian/Slipstream keeps running FSM like Stalinist Russia, I'll keep poking (well deserved) fun at him and FSM.

That being said, it would not displease me at all to discover that someone saw my toons and decided to stay the hell away from the snake-pit that FSM has become.

-- toon