The FurrySpace News cartoonist's political cartoons page!

This is a home for the political cartoons done by the original FSN cartoonist. Whoever that guy was, he's my inspiration and I'd like to give his wonderful work a home that won't go away if I do. If you have any of his toons, please send them to me, toon, and I'll put them up and thank you, publicly if you want!


This was sent to me by someone who saved it when it first came out. If the artist sees this, please write me and let me know if it is all right with you if I have your work up! I would love to put up more of your toons if you have them!

Thank you to the nice person who doesn't want credit but sent me these two!

The Old FSN Toonist wrote me! He's going to give me copies of ALL of his toons! More coming as he gets them to me!

More toons!