toon's political cartoons email page!

This is a page for people to write in and say things about the toons. If I get hate mail I'm going to post it here. If you write something nice, let me know if you want it posted or not and if you want your name used or not, and I'll put it up here too. Write toon with your thoughts!

Rest assured - if I don't have your permission I won't post your mail... unless it's something hateful and spiteful that will get you laughed at by other people, of course! Mail by serious correspondents is different, and will be treated with the utmost respect.


And more Old FSN Toons! Look at bottom of the Old FSN toons page.

Here's the reply to MaCrae... and here's a comment from Vikky's player after seeing the 'et tu, Moira?' toon. I almost didn't put it up it was so sad... but then I thought -- I'm here to give the shouted-down or silenced person on FSM a voice.

thank you.

after all the twistings and turnings you saw through to the simple horror of a simple truth.

victory loved moira


First weeks: I have email! I have a nice note from Alois! I have approval from the Old FSN Toonist! I have a nice posting from the FSM OOC bboard by Finn! Life is good. Thanks to you all. More when I have more time. Oh, and if anyone wants to see the actual letters as written, ask me nicely and I'll consider putting up a page with just the full letters on them.

I'm just putting highlights here, not all the happy letters I got so far. It's funny... no one's written me a mean letter yet. Hey! Maybe it's because they know I'll post it here, so everyone can laugh at them! That's bad, if you're a wiz that thrives in secrets and lies, isn't it?

For everyone that thought I was over the top for the Oloth toon, here's what Alois' player had to say to me:

I've been meaning to print it and post it on my fridge. Thanks for making it.. it means a lot to know that someone actually noticed that I was driven out. :)

and here's a statement he gave me to put up. Hope you all read it closely!

I just want to let everyone know that I genuinely enjoyed the cartoon that was placed up at It is my understanding that there was some controversy surrounding it and that some people felt that I would hate the cartoon, but this simply isn't true. It made me laugh about the whole situation, something I haven't been able to do previously.

--Jaimie (Rennyn, Alois and Sylune)

The note from the Old FSN Toonist was very long and included ways for me to make my drawings better. I'm going to take out the bits about this happy little site and put them up here for everyone to see when I have more time. I'm afraid this Sunday's toon was a rush job that needed doing THIS Sunday because it was so timely, so I didn't get everything done here that I wanted to. Still, I will... and here's my reply to Finn and others. Finn gets mentioned specifically because he had the courage to write me. Good for you, Finn, even if we disagree:

Thank you for your email, Finn! I agree, the Nazi elements of the Oloth toon might be of "questionable taste." However I think what some of the wizzes did to the org builder of Oloth (and now to Victory too) was in very bad taste, and so many other people have told me it was spot-on. See my list of wiz offenses below please if you don't believe me.

For the boys on the OOC bboard, wasn't it Corben that brought up oppression? Certainly wasn't me! Don't put words in my mouth, kiddies. I have plenty of things to say on my own! See you next week - and keep those cards and letters coming! :-)

For the sincere newby on the OOC bboard, I'm not trying to ruin anything. I can't ruin what's already rotten at the core - and there's definitely something rotten in the state of FSM. I forget... who was it that murdered everyone in Hamlet? Oh yeah. It was Hamlet's new daddy. Who's your Daddy?

I understand this is all new to you and I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are people out there that are just plain mean. Unfortunately, on a muck, they can delete any evidence of anything they do - if they're the wizzes. Of course no one on the muck says anything bad about the wizzes! Do you think they'd last long if they did? Talk to Alois - oops! Guess you can't! Talk to Victory - oops! She's gone too! Do you see a pattern here? Why do you think I keep my name a secret? Isn't it nice that they can't erase anything here?

If you think I'm exaggerating, check out some of the stuff I've been sent. Since starting this site I've heard all these things about wizzes (paraphrased to protect the innocent):

The scary part is that only ONE of those was done by someone NOT connected to FSM! Remember, Slippy needs you more than you need him! There are lots of places you can play.

So as far as the Oloth toon, maybe people should stop shooting the messenger and look at the message. If it's that uncomfortable for everyone to look at - maybe it's because it's the TRUTH!

Permission granted to post publicly on FSM's OOC bboard should you so desire.