Well Toon,

From what friends are telling me, it appears that Brian Johnson shot himself in the foot big time. I quit playing on MUCKs more than a year ago. I don't really care to be involved any more and it was all just a fond memory, but now this Johnson fellow blames my friends for your site. Yes, it may be his right to extend or deny service as he sees fit, but he has no right to be rude about it, nor to make baseless accusations to justify his rudeness. A polite NO would have sufficed. Not only was he rude, but he was public about it.

So now he's whining like a tittybaby about your "bile filled" hate site and is purging folks like Stalin on a bender. Well, he fucked with the wrong person's friends. Like I said, I was willing to just relegate those folks to a fond memory, but if Johnson and his little friends want to gang up on innocent folks and blame them for his troubles then I feel I have to step in.

If he is going try to punish you for exercising your First Amendment rights to publish political cartoons on your site, that's not right either. Critical cartoons have a long, distinguished, and constitutionally inviolate role in this country. If he doesn't like the message they send, well too fucking bad. Nixon probably didn't like the cartoons about him either. I don't think Johnson's actions should go unanswered. Pay-back is best as a team sport.

[ Personal comments deleted. ]

Enclosed is a cartoon, done in my old FSN style. I talked over the idea with a couple of the targets of the purge, and they like it. I may do another.

I'm really sorry that Brian's stupidity has sullied my memories of Furry Space, even if lots of the time it was just too many folks yiffing in a "cheap hotel" with a bad Star Trek theme. There may be some gaming going on, but judging from the quality of the people that have been chased off, even FS in the old days was better than what's left of FSM today.

Any MUCK is just a collection of programs, but FSM's policies and apparent corruption are a direct result of this pathetic fat fuck's actions and implementation... half-assed and vindictive. This shit would never fly on a commercial server.

Keep up the good work, and I'll be watching.

The Old FSN Cartoonist

P.S. Enclosed is the cartoon, done with the consultation of the victims of his rudeness.