Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 07:08:31 -0600
From: Brian Kinnison
Subject: The last straw

Your latest cartoon is extremely offensive, and reveals quite abit about yourself.

You obviously have never been married, for the idea that because someone is married to someone else makes them a puppet of their spouse is so ridiculous as to be insulting to women.

You have obviously never been a woman, because this happens all the time. (No, I don't count the cross-dressing you do as Melissa as experience as a woman.) Actually, this toon is 100% egalitarian. There are just as many married men with their wives hands up their... um... psyche as vice versa. If the situation was reversed, you can bet I'd draw it that way. How dare you imply that I am not a woman, or married, or a puppet, or what ever the hell your point is. How insulting to women and married folks and puppets everywhere!

Actually, this toon should be insulting to anyone that lets other people do their thinking. I'll let you know just as soon as I get mail from them saying they are now permitted to be outraged. :-)

I know them both in rl, and trust me, she is no puppet. Yes they have similar instrests, all relationships must inorder to survive, but to suggest what you do in your toon shows your ignorance of both people and the two in question.

What makes you think I don't know them? Just because my opinion of them is different from yours, you assume I must be wrong. You seem to have misread this somewhat, as well.

I was not commenting on their marriage as much as the politics. The Wizzes picked someone "compliant" to act as the new leader of the house that Chastity/Jon built. Ael/Jen is as much a victim of the capriciousness of Slipstream/Brian as Chastity/Jon herself was. They took over the CSA to smooth out problems and installed someone more pliant to their wishes. Hey, I resisted another WWII reference, too! I could have compared the situation to Vichy France, or Quisling. (Oh, look it up guys! :-)

Maybe if you came out of your mothers basement once in a while you might find these things out. You have gone from being 'the voice of the people' to a whiny kid, who doesnt like someone and is doing everything he can to break up the game. If fsm is so damn bad, why are there more and more new people each week?

I see my political commentary struck a nerve this time. I'm Terribly, Terribly sorry. Do you really think I'm the voice of the people? Cool! What was it about this toon that changed your mind? Surely you know this *is* what people say.

Oh, please tell me Valenth/Steve had another hissy fit and broke more stuff at home. Who is he hurting but himself? I'd be HEARTBROKEN if it was me that drove him from his Lofty Perch as Wizard of Furry Space Muck. Crushed. Yes, indeed. Mortified. Totally. Really.

Has somebody started a pool yet to see how long he holds his breath this time? Folks have already started the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I bet.

Steve! Hey, Steve! Vapors went out with hoop skirts and snake oil! Take a pill!

Why do folks keep showing up at FSM's door? I couldn't tell you. Sure isn't the web site, or the "new user" Wiz. (i.e. Brian/Slipstrem.) Millions of people go to McDonalds too. They get fed low grade beef, gristle, fat and soy extenders. They probably go there because they believe the advertising. Same with FSM as far as I'm concerned, so it's my job to tell them about what goes on in the kitchen.

There are hundreds of other places to play on the net, if you dont like it then dont let the door hit you in the ass. no one is forced to be here, we're all here because we enjoy it.

Haven't we discussed this before? Some of the stuff that goes on is BAD. The folks in charge just turn a blind eye or worse, they're in charge of it. Do you expect me to just watch it happen and walk away? I don't think so. The real question is why isn't anybody else willing to stand up and say these things are wrong?

Ask yourself this: If Slipstream/Brian knew who I was, what would happen to my characters? What would happen to my friends' characters?

That's why I'm doing this -- because the self-styled "leadership" runs the place like a banana republic with a tin-pot dictator. Yeah, some folks try to do right and some folks are having fun. But when they run afoul of some "wizzcore favorite" they get taken out behind the shed... and nobody says a word.

The wizzes and staff take their own freetime to run the muck, something that you dont seem to appreciate.

I really do appreciate volunteer labor. I am grateful to those that volunteer at the animal shelters, state parks, and museums. I'm awed by the volunteers that have been working to put out fires in Montana. But... I do not appreciate the style and attitude expressed by these wizzes. "I'm a volunteer dammit! Worship me!" They're not volunteers, they're glory hounds.

You remind me of someone who is invited to a party, and spends the evening insulting the host and guests.

Well, if I was invited to a party and some Nazis or Mimes or Republicans (psych! :-) began yelling at other guests, you can bet I'd be in their face. I don't care if they are the host's friends or the host.

Its long past being funny, gotten to be rather sad really.

Well, I'm not the one who is crying, so please save your sanctimonious false pity for someone that needs it. Maybe you know someone living in a basement that needs you to be their designated mourner.

What was it, did someone say no when you wanted TS?

Hardly. I think TS is a sick, sad waste of time, engaged in by people with little hope of getting any in real life. When I'm on-line, I want to Play The Game, not engage in cheap, badly written masturbation fantasies with some basement-dweller who is probably "posing" from a far less expansive body of experience than myself.

Did you get turned down when you wanted to have a SuperStarDestroyer of Doom?

*sigh* You really don't understand this, do you? Not everyone wants what what you want. Not everyone brings the same experiences to the table. Is it so hard to believe I'm doing this from real, honestly earned anger instead of petty spite?

tough, go somewhere that lets you. this is a GAME, if your not having fun then find somethin! g constructive that is.

I am. This site :-) You're reading this, right? So are a lot of other people.

As a final note, as we say in Texas, you aint got no cajones. I was at MFM myself, and spent the entire weekend wearing a nice color badge, with a picture of a morphic armadillo with the captaion Captain, USS Nighthawk. It was a relatively small convention, you could have easily said something to me.

Why ruin both our fun at the con? That hardly would have been considerate, now, would it?

On the other hand, can you imaging the brouhaha? Don't tempt me, Brian... :-) What do you think would happen if the Powers That Be on FSM found out you had a private talk with toon?

go back to your basement and leave us alone.

Caesar, thou'rt mortal yet.