I know of two political cartoons hiding in the shadows of cyberspace. They are mine, and they were the infamous "Despayre Free Trading Port" cartoon and a cartoon relating a quote Slipstream made in a public conversation, which I call my "Why I am Not the FSN Cartoonist" cartoon.

I had been discussing with Fairon about being the FSN cartoonist, actually. But then i overheard Slipstream's beliefs on the subjet and said no way. Interestingly, in the same conversation, Slipstream also said he'd never punish or otherwise take action against someone who drew a political cartoon about FSM.

Funny, the way the truth comes out.

However, I am trying to put the betrayals and all the empty words and promises made to me on both FM and FSM behind me. I look back and with the exception of a handful of wonderful people ... how I was treated by the staff and folks I had considered friends leaves me sick to my stomach. A wiz bit, a yiff, the leave to look the other way when something just plain wrong happens ... i hope those tokens were worth the loss of a friend. I hope they are having fun. I really do. I know it hurt me, and looking back I just can't help thinking how empty what was taken in trade actually was ...

hell ...

at least judas got thirty pieces of silver.

So I hope you understand that I have no desire to to be reminded of how much that place hurt me. And that I'd like to keep those two lost cartoons ... lost and forgotten.

thank you.

-mike [Krysti's player]