Ruggels' Tutorial Collection

Over the years I've written a lot of tutorials. They're collected here, so I can keep track of them all, and so I have a place to put new ones as I write them. Please email me with any suggestions on what tutorials to write next -- I appreciate the feedback.

Help this site pay for itself! If something here helped you, let me know via paypal, or reach me through email: ruggels at rdwarf dot net, typed that way to avoid spambots. Thank you for helping!

Note: this is a very graphics-intensive site! To make it easier for visitors, I've had the site laid out in a very simple, clean, mostly text-based format. The sizes of files are under the thumbnails so you can decide for yourselves what you want to look at. Bigger graphics open up into new pages, so people can still read the original page while a graphic is downloading.


As tutorials are made web-ready, they get linked up here. This is what I have so far:

Supplies Recommendations

I'm an affiliate, so if you like my tutorials, buy a book and help us both! If you'd like to buy some of my 3D art, check out my 3D art for sale on Turbo Squid. I'm working on a partnership agreement with an on-line art supplies store too. More soon.

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