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Ruggels' Resume Page

Scott A. H. Ruggels

3000 Bridge Parkway
Redwood City CA 94065
Phone (650) 573-5692


3D modeler/animator; concept illustrator


On Windows95/NT: 3d Studio Max 3.1, 3d Studio Max 2.5, Photoshop 5.0, Autodesk Animator Studio, Equilibrium Debabelizer Pro, Dark Tree Texture Tool, MS Word, MS Publisher, Accolade's Tile Editor (Ted).

On the Macintosh: Aldus Freehand, Digital Darkroom, Photoshop 3.0, Image Studio, PageMaker, Macromind Videoworks, WriteNow!, MS Word.

On the SGI: Softimage Creative Environment, a little experience with Wavefront Gameware Deluxe.

Traditional Tools: Pencil, pen and ink, Markers, chalk, colored pencil.


For The 3DO Company: Modeled all characters and bosses, some buildings, vehicles and other environmental objects, and some texture work on Armymen: Green Rogue for the PS2. Scenic and vehicle modeler for Army Men IV (PC). Scenic and vehicle modeler for Army Men III (PC). Scenic and vehicle modeler for Army Men II(PC). Scenic and vehicle modeler for Army Men I (PC). Story boarding cinematic sequences for Army Men I. Voice-over work for Army Men I and II and 3d (PSX). Low polygon baseball stadium Geometry for High Heat Baseball.

For Accolade: Conceptual Artist and lead animator; and background artist for Cybernauts: The Next Breed. Conceptual artist and animator for Fire Team Rogue.

For Hero Software: Lead Animator, artist, background artist, special effects animator for Champions! The Computer Game. Title Graphics and font design for Heromaker!

Printed material: R. Talsorian Games' Teenagers from Outer Space 1st and 2nd editions - all interior art except for two pieces. Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk 2020 - design and rendering of technical subjects and technical illustrations including various support publications. Tri Tac Systems' Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic - interior illustration and Macintosh generated map materials. Fringeworthy 2nd edition - interior art, and FTL2448 - interior illustrations. Hero Games: Allies - interior illustrations, Hero System Almanac volumes 1 and 2 - interior illustrations, Hudson City Blues - cover, interior illustrations, Shadows of the city - interior illustrations, Underworld Enemies - interior illustrations, Golden Age of Champions - interior illustrations, Pyramid in the Sky - interior illustrations, Danger International - interior illustrations, and spot illustrations in various issues of the magazine The Adventurer's Club.



Graduated Palo Alto Senior High School in 1982. Attended San Jose State University majoring in Fine Art and minoring in Military Science. Courses included: Art history, Basic drawing, Life Drawing, 2D Design, Industrial and product rendering. Additional coursework at Foothill College in Commercial Art, Computer Graphics. Attended DeAnza College. Courses included Film Editing, Character Animation (Todd Flinchbaugh) and advanced film animation.


Available upon request. Paper and electronic samples also available upon request.