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Ruggels' Photograph Re-Touching Service

Photographs are how you remember the past, but sometimes they just don't age well. Daguerreotypes can get damaged, inks fade, or there are messy artifacts on the film, or even from your scanner. It used to be you were stuck if any of these happened to you, but not any more. Do you have any of these photo damage types?

If you do, send your photos or daguerreotypes to me, and I'll send back good, fixed scans of how your pictures used to be. Or if you want, I can clean up mistakes that you don't want in your on-line scans of your pictures.

Please e-mail me first for my regular mail address, and to talk about compensation.

Here's what I require to re-touch a photograph for you:

  1. The photograph
    There are two ways to do this

    • You can send either the original photo, or a good quality print, to my address. Please include an SASE.

    • You can send me a scan of the photo as a color TIFF, or TGA (Targe) file. It needs to be at 300 DPI resolution or higher. Definitely higher, such as 600 or 1200 DPI, if the final images are for print.

  2. Specifications of what you want back
    For example, is this for print, or for a web site? If so, do you need an image of X size, with a Y-sized thumbnail? If it's for a magazine, do you need the file back as CYMK color at 600DPI? For a newspaper or black & white publication you might instead need a 60 to 120 LPI halftone screen of the photo. Or, if you want, I can just create a high-res image of about 300DPI for you, suitable for printing on photographic paper.

  3. Supplemental information or materials
    These can include things like extra photos of a person whose face is obscured or damaged in the image to be re-touched. This can also include names and places if captioning is desired.

  4. The agreed-upon method of payment.

With these I can proceed in re-touching your photos to your specifications.