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Products and Services


  • Etherbox Webworks: Premium web-design and hosting.
  • Etherbox Custom Software: Code spinning to meet your needs. Custom Perl, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Scheme, Lisp, and Pascal code to order.


  • IO Network Server: The most flexible and powerful M* server ever designed. More information will be forthcomming.
  • Oxide: An advanced multi-channel M* client.
  • EtherCORE: LambdaMOO Server 1.8.x compliant database providing a rich programming and user environment. (On Hold, pending IO's release).
  • Project: Blueshift: Submersive reality with a vibrant history, set after the year 2100. (Release date, First Quarter 1999)
  • Slug Massacre: Freeware passage into complete insanity. Salt Included. (On Hold)
  • LibMunje: LGPL'd Distributed Interactive Networking Library. (Release date, Second Quarter 1999)

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