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Aug 13

...this is what I do for a living now. Be warned: the first four or five episodes are extremely crass, and contain scenes of vomiting, shitting, and tesicle-chewing. It's supposed to get less shock-for-shock's-sake as the story goes on. Supposedly.

Oh yes, and I had a birthday this past July.

May 18
My Weird Life: did programming on a Flash game for Spümcø (link to game when it's public), about to start on another one, and then the web toon network gig that's been held up half a year by the lawyers is finally going to start! Hooray!
Finally got a Playstation, too. Six games so far, all of which are some sort of platformers, three of which are 2D. Retro? Me? Never.

Oct 13
No updates in a loong time, I know. My attention wandered to other things, such as going to live in the corner of a friend's apartment while I keep on beating against getting into animation, and finally giving up the Amiga after holding onto it far longer than any sane person would - I've been spending the last couple of weeks configuring a scavenged PPC Mac clone (Motorola StarMax 3000/180) to something resembling my liking. (For potential OS flamers: All OSs suck, but some are more sucky than others. Windows makes my blood pressure rise every time I try to do anything; Linux and Be have even smaller sets of tools for doing anything besides programming than the Amiga did. The Mac wins by being the most inoffensive to me. PC games leave me cold; I'm quite happy emulating consoles for my gaming desires.)

Aug 1
The Squirrel Nut Zippers video I worked on has popped up on the net. Careful, the files are hugemungous. It also took first prize in the music video category at the Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival.
Addendum: in case that link died, or is too slow, or whatever, you can also now find the video on Spmc's website (they had no involvement with it, they just liked it). The last two scenes are my work.

July 13
Holly was down. And my mother visited iRL. Finally fixed counter thing and went something like public.

June 29
Submitted Simpsons test. Wish me luck.

June 14
Working all week on other stuff: Simpsons test, the Secret Archive Proposal Discussion, and thinking about moving this whole site to as soon as I rewrite my multudinous scripts in perl (instead of the unportable ARexx)

June 7
Lots of procrastination on important RL stuff. I need to get my scaly buns in gear!


May 18
The auto-generated HTML started breaking; I fixed it. One of those 'why did it ever work in the first place?!?' typo bugs...

Mar 3
Brought back the old custom 404 and got the problem with cgis breaking when accessed via /~peganthyrus/ fixed.
Oh, and I killed the guestbook a while back because nobody ever signed it.

Feb 9
Finally got around to tweaking the auto-generated portion of my HTML - I say 'finally' because I worked out the fixes late last November! The top bar is now stretchy; try dragging your browser window out as wide as you like and watch it resize. Cool. Also, the page full of miscellaneous images should display properly on Netscape - at least it works fine on the Mac 4.08, where previously it was mysteriously screwy.

Feb 8
Added a surrealist comic book.

Aug 14
Wrote another rant about the state of furfandom, and decided to make a page just for rants. Also made some pretty link images for you to swipe.

Aug 12
Installed and prettified a guestbook. Accidentally deleted a bunch of access counts. Oops.

July 23
Finally re-wrote the random clothing description stuff.

July 2
Rewrote 'talk' to get rid of dubious form and just contain my email address.

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