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Drawing Extremities(61k)
A quick walkthrough of hands and plantigrade feet. Direct in Illustrator; sorry about the scratchy notes. You may freely redistribute this one.

Nameless Monster Girl(33k)
This girl bubbled out of my subconscious one day, along with her narrative. I'm curious as to what's going on, why, and what happens next; maybe someday I'll find out.

green hair.gif(161k)
Scan: the dragon's freshly-green-streaked hair, along with forehead, pressed against the scanner. Summer, 2001.

megachan.jpg, megachan2.gif, and megachan3.jpg: Somebody page#mailed me a pointer to this frightening image. Look at it first. Scary, isn't it? And, as the mistake of browsing that directory showed, all her work is in this mode. It may just be me, but it all seems to smell faintly of kiddie-porn. Anyway, some sort of defense mechanism triggered, and I had to parody this stuff. It took three tries before I finally felt that the proportions were distorted enough, and could get on with my life...

Another bus picture. I got so caught up in this I missed my stop and had to walk back about a half-hour, as I didn't have sufficient small bills to hop a bus back that way. Oops. It's a pretty neat image of my favorite wuff, though, hopefully to soon be inked and toned in an interestingly abstracted manner.

So there I was, happily doodling to pass the time while on my way home on the bus, when this guy requests the empty seat next to me. He also comandeered at least one third of my seat. Luckily I tend to take the aisle seat so as to have room for my long legs and to avoid being crushed in just this sort of occurence. When he started making odd snorking sounds I had to draw something.

The drawing is more from Book I, but the quote is from Book IV, as credited. I'm reading 'Paradise Lost' for pleasure on the way to work. One Book a day is pretty much the limit, I find.

My office-mate had the idea, but I was the one nasty-minded enough to draw it. Is working for Spúmcø corrupting me?

Screengrab of a skin I did for Audion, an MP3 player for the Mac. The actual skin archive should be available in the archive on the Audion site.

Ravenscroft, in, well, I can't call it a Jay Ward style, because it's not, but it's leaning that way. And some more Jay Wardesque human heads. Drawn on the bus home from Spümcø.

Final of the zebra unicorn. I'm never drawing another naked zebra in my life. The bg started out life as a scan of Grecian ruins from National Geographic (v197 #2, page 128) but you'd never know if I hadn't told you, hm?

tenniel-ink.gif (25k)
Inks of tennielrough. Inked entirely with a #00 brush. Well, except for the chains.

MauveGargant.gif (53k)
A throwaway character of Ashy's in a clever disguise as an Orcish megaweapon from WH40K. Not bad for maybe 20 minutes at most.

tennielrough.gif (86k)
Naked zebra unicorn, plus her @desc. Naked zebras are a pain to draw.

RobertElric.jpg (66k)
Is it Robert Smith of the Cure? Or is it Elric? Early AM Coke-driven bizarreness, mostly Illustrator, a little Brontoshop texturing.

Breakfast.gif (31k)
Anatomy practice gone horribly awry. And boy do I need the practice. Feh.

DarkInari-aged.gif (126k)
Inari's evil twin, complete with faux 60's comic-book look. Tones in Illustrator under very Kirby inks, fake seperation done in Brontoshop, with of course one crash halfway through. I plan to revisit this technique later on and get it even closer to a scan of a 60's comic.

The Bear's Story
Now with its own page. Comics for surrealists.

Fatburger.gif (35k)
Waiting for food...

A sketchbook page (123k) from 10-dec-99.
Done partially in a coffee shop which seemed to be being patronized by some highschoolers fresh from their prom. And partially not. Which is which? I'm not saying.

Unnamed in progress (43877 bytes)
Yes, I'm perfectly happy, why do you ask?

TheShelteringSky.gif (155,581 bytes)
Or Illustrator Experiment 5, but that's not very euphonious. Inspired by looking through oCeLoT's lovely mouse art late one night. 99% Illustrator and mouse - I worked over a scanned loose pencil rough.

Contragravity.gif (40,769 bytes)
Done to fill out an EK webpage in the works. This is a closeup. Illustrator, as usual.

Silverblue.gif (63,835 bytes)
Drawn and Illustrated waaay too late at night, when the gothbunny in question said what's quoted on the image.

EKLogo.gif (20,461 bytes)
More Ensign K. stuff.

EKDoor.gif (35,699 bytes)
More Ensign K stuff. First thing colored with Photoshop 5.5 aside from some hideous filter orgies.

FutureAwaits.gif (17,335 bytes)
A card commemerating the first anniversary of Clay Fonseca's birth - digital color comp; the final will be colored in Crayola crayons.

SpiralMoon.gif (16,671 bytes)
Wait six weeks and look at this. Happy Halloween?

Grunt.gif (102,130 bytes)
Silly waiting for movie to start ballpoint pen doodling.

Pikazap.gif (20,054 bytes)
Style experiment for a reaction to seeing waaay too many Pokémon pictures while writing the Velar Sieve.

DocOck2.gif (87,800 bytes)
I dunno, I just like drawing Doctor Octopus on the bus this week.

DockOck-BW.gif (19802 bytes)
Doctor Octopus; no reference. Also see the colored version (31580 bytes).

wa-tor.gif (15096 bytes)
Drawn while waiting for a pizza that turned out to be definitely full of the Power Cosmic. 'It stinx but I posted it anyway! ^_^' - not exactly a great drawing, but I was hungry, and it made me giggle.

ink-x2.gif (15008 bytes)
More fiddling with different ink methods: brush pen and exceptionally stinky/bleedy black marker.

Viewpoint.gif (43548 bytes)
My interpretation of the player character of your typical first person shooter game: an eyepoint and an arm holding a gun, and not much else, really.

Carylinathea.gif (32930 bytes)
See below. It just cried out for color.

CarylinatheaBW.gif (22142 bytes)
Concept art of my IC sister as a patron of the arts.

AtvaStretch.gif (27018 bytes)
More drag: a cute white jaguar. Needs more spots added. Warning: Obvious, though skirt- and panty-covered, stiff penis.

SinDog.gif (15586 bytes)
Okay, so it's more of a wolf, but 'Sin Dog' sounded better to me. Inspired by Frank Miller's 'Sin City'.
Originally done to be uploaded to Velar with the following description:
Dis bes my newestest character! Isn't he kyoote and sexy and wuvable? I haven't named him yet, but unnamed moodily-lit wuffie be's (c) ME! And don't you forget it! Steal him and I'll bite ya!

EKCat-ink.gif (58261 bytes)
Another round of Buck Rogers vs. Kirbytech via nineties techno feel.

EKCat.gif (109566 bytes)
Pencil rough (.5mm graphite and blue col-erase, for no real reason).

EKRaccoon-ink.gif (75933 bytes)
The techno/twenties design sense of my ongoing 'Ensign K' project goes head up against Kirbytech in a pitched tie battle. Update: greyed out the subject's fur for much better contrast.

EKRaccoon.gif (99280 bytes)
Pencil rough.

AshyFantod.jpeg (18594 bytes)
This didn't belong in my sketchbook, and I was too lazy to get the clipboard, so I used what was around the computer. Very quick (thirty seconds?) conversation scribble, Edward Gorey reference. The scribbled text reads, "Ashy's got a fantod in her pants!".

NewMan-G.gif (16551 bytes)
Not Gary Numan, honest, but drawn while listening to 'Exile'... inked with a normal sort of pen for a change, wow!

Super.gif (14397 bytes)
Prisma-inking on a Super Type.

Parenthesis.gif (16259 bytes)
I don't understand this one myself.

DuckThing.gif (8618 bytes)
Insane evil ducky beasty. Yet more Prisma inks.

CrazyLife.gif (16800 bytes)
Fat Prisma ink silliness again, this time with a white gel pen.

CoonMage.jpeg (42891 bytes)
Young raccoon sorceress, seemingly interrupted mid-spell...

MenUseNoMaps.gif (25301 bytes)
Ballpoint pen Kirby Headgear doodle while waiting for a movie to start. Warning: contains the word 'fuck'.

PCMnA.gif (80716 bytes)
Ballpoint pen scribble of everyone's favorite hyperky00te prickvixens, done because Ashy wondered how I'd do them.

DrunkInari.jpeg (102100 bytes)
Inari at a party with way too much alcohol. Thirty minute drawing from scribble to scan.

IAmACat.gif (43,405 bytes)
Quick five-minute rough inspired by a Shonen Knife song.

Quetzalcoaltus.gif (18309 bytes)
Something for the hardcore herpetophiles? Warning: contains bits.

RavsPeggyDance.gif (143060 bytes)
Sketchbook: Dragon and wolf slam-dancing(?)

FunkySorceress.gif (8591 bytes)
Just some weirdly-stylized sorceress smirking.

HAKSKEEAH!.gif (25938 bytes)
Late night Prisma-inked weirdness. Sword and warcry from 'Dark Crystal'.

SwordfightDoodle.gif (23592 bytes)
Very late night/early morning scribble: two guys trying to slice each other.

LynxyWarrior.gif (25494 bytes)
Very late night/early morning image. Inked with the broad tip of a Prisma.

TwisterCol.gif (20751 bytes)
The Twister Suit. 1998. Idea from Ashtoreth, I think.

PeggyiRL.jpeg (91653 bytes)
Photo: the dragon at the Grand Canyon. Summer, 1996.

PeggysRedShetland.gif (35016 bytes)
The 'mare-devil with a sword', done for Groat's next guest artist portfolio.

CoonDrag.gif (44489 bytes)
Raccoons are cute. Boys in dresses are cute.
Boy raccoons in dresses... Yum!

peggymon.gif (15076 bytes)
Me ala Pokemon. Sort of.

fantod.gif (30457 bytes)
This will only make sense if you're an Edward Gorey fan.

TensMignola.jpeg (71449 bytes)
Tenmera Ravenscroft ala Mike Mignola.

404.gif (28859 bytes)
Popular Demand: the image you get with a 404 here, full-sized.

BowToTheCog!.gif (35864 bytes)
Fascist robots.

PeggySimpsons.gif (26484 bytes)
A black dragon runs afoul of America's Favorite Family With Jaundice.

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