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2.12 Staff Utilities

Most staff utility commands have been covered in preceeding sections of the Staff Guide. This page covers the remaining staff utilities that have not discussed, and the standard commands that have staff-only options.

+active: This utility lists all players who have been active (that is, have logged on), within a certain number of days. Type +active <number of days> to display the list. The usecount for each player will be appended to the players' names. Unapproved characters will be starred with an * asterix. You can configure the command to skip certain players, such as guests. See +active #help for configuration information. The command must scan the MUCK's database to gather this information. On a large MUCK, this can take a while, but you will be able to use other commands while the database is being scanned.

+approved: This command lists all approved players. (Requires a dbase scan.)

+background: Remember that staff members can display any character's backgrounds. Type +bg <player> to do so. This displays both public and private backgrounds. Private backgrounds tend to be long, causing the public background to scroll off the screen: if you want to display only the public background, type +bg #pub <player>

+banks: As discussed in The Argo Monetary System, players can use commands like +deposit, +withdraw, and +will when they are at a bank location. Staff members can use the +bank command to configure bank locations. To do so, go to the room which will be a bank location, and type +banke #add <name of bank>. The room will then be configured as a location — a branch, as it were — of the named bank. Typing +bank #remove removes the current room from the bank system (money deposited at the location is unaffected: players may still access their accounts at other branches of the same bank).

+buy: Note that on-duty staff members can +buy objects at any location, regardless of whether it has been configured as a source, and are not charged anything for the objects. Buy objects as needed to support RP, and recycle them when the scene is over.

+group: Type +group <name of group> to display a list of all members of a group. (Requires a dbase scan.)

+inactive: The +active command's opposite number: type +inactive <number of days> to display a list of all players who have not logged on within the specified time. (Requires a dbase scan.)

+income: Staff members can use the +income command to set a specific income level for a player, syntax +income <player>=<number coins>, using the small coins denomination. Incomes set in this way override the income, if any, that a character would derive from a job.

+install: Use +install <argo program> to install new programs into the Argo system. If a program is `acting up', sometimes the easiest way to fix it is to +uninstall it, and then use +install to reinstall it.

+puppets: Puppets must be explicitly Argo-enabled by a staff member before they can use Argo commands. The syntax for doing so is +puppets <puppet object>=yes. Use +puppets <puppet object>=no to disable an Argo puppet. Newly enabled Argo puppets receive the standard allotment of starting points, but no money. Like players, they must be approved before entering play.

+rename: Argo programs often need to communicate among themselves. To keep the installation of Argo internally consistent, do not use the MUCK @name command to rename Argo commands. Use +rename instead. The new name can include aliases (that is, semi-colon separated command names that can be used in place of the primary name shown on +list commands).

+sheet: Staff members can display other characters' character sheets, syntax +sheet <player>.

+stop: Any player can use the +stop command to forcibly stop an event loop he has running. Staff members can use +stop #all to forcibly stop all Argo events in the room. Note that unlike +pause, the +stop command completely stops events: players will need to re-enter event commands to resume play.

+sysscan: The system scanner (asys-sysscan) runs a background process that keeps track of housekeeping matters such as natural healing of injuries and recycling of old Argo objects. Type +sysscan #on to start the scanner, and +sysscan #off to stop it. Typing the command name with no arguments displays its status, on or off. Unless there are specific reasons for it not to be (such as, the asys-sysscan program is set D for debugging), it should always be running.

+unapproved: The +unapproved command displays a list of all unapproved players. (Requires a dbase scan.)

+uninstall: Use +uninstall <program> to remove Argo programs from the system, either because you are planning to upgrade, or have decided that they are no longer needed, or so that you can then reinstall them as a quick-and-dirty form of troubleshooting.

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