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2.13 Staff Command Summary

System Configuration Commands:

+banks; +banks #add, +banks #remove
Follow prompts to add or remove bank branches.

+cgroom: +cgroom, or +cgroom <room lbref>
Toggles a room's chargen status. That is, enables or disables chargen commands at that location.

+define: +define, follow prompts
Defines a new skill, spell, psiab, group, template, object, weapon, etc.

+icroom: +icroom, or +icroom <room dbref>
Toggles a room's IC/OOC status. Argo programs search the environment tree for the property controlling this. So, to designate a large area as IC, use +icroom on an environment room above it.

+install: +install <program>
Installs an Argo program.

+man; +man #edit
Adds, deletes, or modifies documents in the online manual, or configures aliases, keywords, or the default screen.

+mask; +mask <category>/<instance>
Masks a database entry, so that it will not be shown with information-gathering commands such as +info, +list, +check, etc.

+realm; +realm <#add|#remove|#copy|#move>
Adds or removes Argo realms form the MUCK, or copies or moves database entries from one realm to another. See +realm #help

+staff: +staff <player>
Toggles a players staff or monitor status.

+tune: +tune or +tune <parameter> = <value>
Shows Argo version, installed programs, and current system parameters, or sets >parameter> to >value>.

+remove: +remove, follow prompts
Removes a Skill, Spell, Psiab, Group, Template, Item, Weapon, etc.

+rename: +rename <Argo command> = <new name>
Gives a command a new name (which can include aliases) that will be recognized by Argo.

+sysscan; +sysscan <#on|#off>
Starts or stops the system scanner.

+uninstall: +uninstall <program>
Cleanly removes an Argo program.

+unmask; +unmask <category>/<instance>
Unmasks a database entry, so that it will be shown with information-gathering commands such as +info, +list, +check, etc.

Monitor Commands:

+active; +active <number of days>
Lists all players who have logged within specified number of days.

+approve: +approve <player>
Approves a character to use Argo commands.

+approved; +approved
Lists all approved characters.

+award: +award <player> = <number>
Increases or decreases <player's> number of available character points by .

+background; +bg <player>
Displays specified player's backgrounds.

+become: +become <NPC>
Redefines your character as NPC.

+group; +group <group>
Displays a list of members of specifed group.

+inactive; +inactive <number of days>
Lists all players who have not logged within specified number of days.

+income; +income <player>=<num small coins>
Sets specified player's income to specified amount.

+note: +note <player, object, etc.>
Edits a list on <player, etc.> for recording Argo and RP information.

+notes: +notes <player, object, etc.>
Shows list holding any Argo and RP information for <player, etc.>.

+puppet; +puppet <puppet>=<yes|no>
Enables or disable a puppet for the Argo

+revert: +revert
Returns you to your normal form after using +become.

+source; +source
Adds or removes rooms (or other object types) that allow players to buy or sell objects.

+stop; +stop #all
Stops all Argo events in a room.

+suspend: +suspend <player>
Places <player> on suspension, barring use of Argo commands and halting accrual of experience points, but leaving props intact.

+unapprove: +unapprove <player>
Returns a character to new-character status.

+unapproved; +unapproved
Lists all unapproved characters.

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