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1.5.9 Character Approval

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can have your character approved. The administrators have the option of allowing automatic character approval, so you may be able to do this on your own. In general, however, you will need to page a Monitor to be approved.

One of the primary purposes of a points system is to create a `level playing field', and getting the most value from your starting allotment of points is part of the game. So, as a rule the Monitor will not be scrutinizing your character to see if you made yourself `too powerful'. She will, however, check to see that the character is coherent and consistent with the theme of the MUCK. A character that is technically allowable, but in some way contrary to the spirit of the world may be required to take one or more levels of a Social Advantage defined as an Unusual Background that accounts for his atypical qualities, and to write a relatively thorough Private Background explaining this. The Monitor may also offer advice about changing some levels before approval: you cannot lower levels after you have been approved, and raising stat levels is more expensive after approval, so you should optimize the character as much as possible while still in chargen.

If the MUCK allows automatic character approval, type +finished when you are ready to begin play; this approves your character.

Once your character is approved or you have declared the chargen process finished, you will no longer be able to select Advantages and Disadvantages, and skill and stat levels may only be raised, not lowered. Raising stat levels will now cost three character points, rather than one. On the positive side, you will now have full access to Argo player commands.

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