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1.5.8 Equipping Your Character

Money and equipment play a fairly important role in Argo. The combat system, for example, requires that weapons and armor be created by the system. Some skills require tools or materials. Some spells require components or materials. Usually these things cost money.

However, you probably should not try to equip your character during chargen, for several reasons. First, it will probably take a while to learn what equipment, tools, and materials you really need. Second, you may not be able to afford everything you need or want at the beginning of your character's career. Third, weapons, tools, materials, etc., can only be purchased at designated locations. The items you think you need may not be available in the chargen area. Finally, even if they are available in chargen, it may be advantageous to delay purchasing items, because they may be available at a better price in IC locations. In fact, it is quite possible to design a character who is primarily a craftsman or technician who uses the +make command to create Argo objects. There may be players on your world who make just what you need, and can sell you a cheaper or better version.

That being said, here's how to equip your character. Use the +sheet command to see how much money you have. Use the +browse command to see if any objects are available for purchase in the chargen area (you can also use +browse in IC areas: it lists objects for sale at a given location, and their price. Typing +browse <item> will show a brief description of the item). Explore the +list command to see what other objects are potentially available on the MUCK. Typing +list objects will list all objects defined in the MUCK's Argo database. Typing +list classes will list all types or classes of objects. 'Weapons' is a class of objects... typing +list weapons would list all weapons. If necessary, use the +advantages command to select the Wealth advantage, so that you'll start play with more money.

If there are objects available for purchase in the chargen area, and you find the price acceptable, use the +buy command to purchase them, syntax +buy <object>. The price will be deducted from your character sheet, and you will have the item in your inventory. If the items that you want are not available in chargen, or you think you can get a better price in the IC realm, just hold onto your money, and use the +buy command later, at an IC location, or find someone who sells what you want, and use the +give command to give them money in exchange for the object.

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