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1.2 About this Manual

The Argo Manual provides the rules for Argo, explanation of commands, and discussion of how to install, maintain, and administer The Argo System programs. It does not cover MUCK commands or programming. (For these, see The MUCK Manual)

Some common online abbreviations are used frequently in the Manual:

IC In Character: acting or speaking as one's character rather than as the player, the real person typing things on the character's behalf.
OOC Out of Character: acting or speaking as you, the player, rather than as your character.
VR Virtual Reality: the world depicted by the MUCK; online experience. Characters live there.
RL Real Life: the other stuff, outside the MUCK. Most players live there.
TP TinyPlot: a role-played, jointly-authored, predominantly improvised storyline acted out by a group of players, often taking place over the course of days or weeks.
RP Roleplaying: acting IC in a way that is consistent with either the overall theme of the MUCK, a TinyPlot in which one is participating, or both.

A few abbreviations common to roleplaying games are also used frequently:

. . .
PC Player Character: A character controlled by a player
NPC Nonplayer Character: A character not controlled by a player. NPCs can be characters controlled by Monitors, puppets, robots, or perhaps full-fledged characters that players log onto and control like a PC, but who are defined as secondary characters for game purposes
*d* Sided-dice: The form of die rolls is frequently notated using the convention d. For example, 3d6 means a roll of three six-sided dice. 3d6+2 means a roll of three six-sided dice, with a modifier of 2 being added to the result

Material in constant-width text enclosed in horizontal rules, like this, is example text. Much of the example material follows the initial careers of two characters, Antar and Nim, as they work their way from a character idea to participation in a TinyPlot on a medieval, fantasy-themed MUCK.

Copyright: Copyright 2000 Brad Gadberry. Terms: The Argo Manual and Argo programs and scripts may be freely copied, distributed, used, and archived. The manual and programs may be changed, subject to the following conditions:

  1. This copyright notice and any copyright notices that appear in the programs must be retained, unchanged, in the modified version.
  2. No further restrictions may be placed on the manual or programs.

This manual was written for Argo version 1.2. Version 1.1 programs are not compatible with version 1.2. (Useless Historical Note: There was a version 1.0 of Argo, but the current system is a complete rewrite. In its current form, it should be considered Beta software.)

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