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1.3 Command Notes

Argo commands are explained in greater detail throughout the manual, but a few commands especially useful for gathering information while learning the system are mentioned here at the outset.

+man is the command for the online manual. While this Manual goes into much greater detail about Argo as a whole, the online manual is important for two reasons. (1) It can — indeed, should — be edited by your MUCK's Argo staff to include entries for things specific to your MUCK... the theme of the world, plus entries for Skills, objects, etc., which have been defined specifically for your world. So, it is really the authoritative document for Argo as it is configured on your world. And (2), the online manual is searchable. Using the online manual's search feature is often the quickest and easiest way to get the information you need. The syntax for +man is as follows:

      +man Show contents, or intro text if provided
+man <topic title or number> Show document for <topic>
+man #contents     List all documents
+man #search <string> List documents containing <string>
+man #browse <string> Display documents containing <string>
+man #edit Add, edit, or delete documents (staff only)
+man #help Display the online help screen

As is the case for all Argo commands, you do not have to type a complete #option string. It is only necessary to type enough of the #option to distinguish it from other possible choices. So, for example, +man #sea skills and +man #s skills produce the same result as +man #search skills.

The +list command is a general-purpose listing tool. Type +list <category> will display all relevant entries from your MUCK's Argo database for <category>. Typing simply +list will show a list of available categories, then prompt you for a selection.

Some possible categories are:

          Advantages               CharGen Rooms       Commands
Disadvantages Docs Groups
Objects Materials NPCs
Programs Psiabs Skills
Spells Staff Templates

Depending on your world's theme and configuration, some categories may not be shown.

The +info command may be used to get specific information about objects from many of the categories. You can type +info <category>/<entry> to get information about a specific entry in the world's Argo database, or just +info, and follow prompts, to browse the database. As with all Argo prompts, you may talk and pose while at this or any other Argo prompt, but may not use other MUCK commands until you exit the prompt. Type .quit, .q, .end or .e to exit any Argo prompt.

Throughout this manual, Argo commands are discussed using their default names. It is, though, possible for staff members to rename commands. Again, the online manual is the most authoritative document in this respect.

All Argo commands have a #help option. Type <command> #help for information about any particular command.

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