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The creation of this web page is based mostly on the fact that Holliday Research/Industries has had so many people interested in it. It is both for 'customers', as well as for 'employees' of HR/I. I would especially like to thank the players of Moira, Buran, Chastity (Hey, CSA has a nice web page. Why can't I?), Artania, and, last but surely not the least, Slipstream. These individuals and several others have made my time in FurrySpace enjoyable. Thy are friends of the highest order, and I just thought I'd say so here.

Again I'll state that Jennifer Sarantites drew and owns the HR/I logo. Without her, I couldn't even have considered making this lovely peice of art up. All I contributed was the english version of the HR/I motto, she did the rest. Artwork on these page is owned and copyrighted by it's respective creator or creators.

Incase you hadn't noticed by now, having wandered upon these pages by accident, these pages are based on a multi-user game on the internet. These characters (primarily or not) play in a portion of 'FurryMUCK' called FurrySpace. All characters are © to their respective players/creators. Collien Moira Holliday, Sheyla Alegria Tine Ward Holliday, Tockadesma Salenns, Tickadel Salenns, Penny Adams, Moira C. O'Connel, Holliday Research/Industries, the Star's Child, and several other things I'm forgetting, are all © 1998 to Phillip M. Lang. Questions reguarding specific characters shoul be directed to that character's creator or player. If you have a problem with these web pages, please email me at holliday@rdwarf.com.