This is the MUF written for Reailty Fault.

Feel free to use it, but please leave my name intact.

If you have problems with it, mail me at and ask. I might help, if I can remember how it works.

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This is a set of patches for the fuzzball 5.66 server, to add the autolook_cmd @tune parameter, just as the fuzzball 6.x series has. The parameter was put in to 6.x because I badgered Revar for it for our use on Reality Fault, and I actually wrote the code for it and Revar accepted it in to the build.

This set of patches is the same functionality for the FB5 series of servers, because Reality Fault has not yet moved to FB6. It was actually derived from the original patches sent to Revar for 6.00a20. The code is identical.

lokispoof.muf This is the 'spoof' command for Reality Fault. It's simpler, and smaller than Lynx's complex one, but mostly compatible with it, should you want to upgrade someday. It supports '#recent', to prevent abusers, too.
This is the time-of-day code used on Reality Fault, including the {time-phase} MPI addition, and the time command to show the shifted time.
The .tar.gz contains Unix carriage returns, while the .zip contains DOS/Windows ones.