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Internet Voice of the Left
Official website of late night
radio host Art Bell!

Kansas State University
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There are many Wildcat fan sites out there, but this is the one I always use!
My daily source of K-State athletics news
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Exit Strategy 2004


Finally, an update! The last one was on... December 17, 1997. I began this update on 12/17/01, four years later to the day. Coincidence!

Here's a brief tour: the column to the left features links only. Links that link to external sites will open new browser windows, while those links to pages within this site will use this window.

Below, I've created a list of a small portion of the web comics that I read, with summaries and reviews. Each image is a link to that comic, and again, each will open a new window. A word of caution about *any* link on this page: some may contain "adult" or "graphic" content. ;)

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy nosing around!

aka Wildcat!

Elves! Goblins! Naked faeries! Carson Fire brings you all this and more in Elf Life! Follow the adventures of Baughb and Filis, and learn about the past -- and future -- of their world along with them! Elf Life is updated five times a week, and comes in two different flavours: PG13 and R, so you get to pick whether your faeries are really naked or not! ^.^
Boxjam's Doodle
Boxjam's this guy, y'see? And he's married, to Mrs. Boxjam, and they have two kids, Little Boxjam and Boxjamina. And then there's his best friend, Mallethead, and his arch-nemesis, the Orange Guy. They all do things, and sometimes stuff happens.

There. I've told you everything you need to know about Boxjam's Doodle... except for how *funny* this strip is! This is probably one of the most subtle, low-key, and enjoyably hilarious offerings on the web today! And the art only seems simplistic and plain, until you realize just how expressive these characters really are!

I can't recommend this comic highly enough... it's not hard to get hooked on The Doodle! As brought to you five times a week, by Boxjam J. Boxjam, of course!

Butch is your average, everyday homicidal maniac. Like you and me, he's just out to make a killing. He's multi-talented, an expert with knives, chainsaws, and many other tools. He loves puppies and kittens to *death*. And when he gets down to business, rest assured, it's nothing personal. Don't believe me? Go read Lee Adam Herold's Chopping Block, the drop-dead funny journal of the life and times of Butch, as serial killer with a heart of gold!
Mad science at its best! See Helen Narbon and her assistants, Mell and Dave, run diabolical experiments on mutants, clones, love, the undead, and many other evil, unnatural things! If you don't check out Narbonic, you're missing out! By the talented Shaenon K. Garrity!
It's a story of good versus evil! Karn and his allies must defeat cronies, henchmen, and random encounters, to confront the malevolent Khrima! The gang must also answer pressing questions like "What is the secret behind Khrima's evil?", "Who let the dogs out?" and "Is Karn really *that* stupid?" Hey, it sounds like a video game, but it's really one of the more consistently entertaining RPG-based comic strips out there! Adventurers! is brought to you by Mark Shallow!
Tariq De Vore's Ban the Basics! is about a group of schoolchildren and their day-to-day routine. Only, this isn't your ordinary class of fourth-graders -- they're a bunch of budding geniuses, tackling everything from computer science to art to college-entry exams(!), in the only way that kids can! This is not only a fun comic, you'll also learn a few things as well, if you're not careful! (Don't let *that* scare you off, though!)
How would the ancient gods and creatures of myth behave in the modern world? LKM's Sea of Insanity explores one possibility. College student Finn responds to a newspaper ad looking for roommates, placed by Isle, a twenty(hundred)-something nymph -- hey, supernatural beings gotta make rent too! This strip has drama, comedy, and romance, and promises some good old-fashioned Greek tragedy as well, and the art is vivid and quite well done!
Lyssa goes to spend the summer with her uncle, but winds up helping him to battle his demons -- literally! Ancient Messages,, a supernatural serial drama by Katherine Nelson, is a very well-told story, presented on a page by page basis!
Retail is a weekly comedy strip about the employees of a large retail store, and their cherished customers! >;) These stories are true-to-life, folks. Comic creator Jason Seabaugh knows what he's talking about here!
Odd Jobs
Like a good mystery? Tim Broderick sure does, and he likes presenting one as well, with his thrice-a-week thriller Odd Jobs! This "film noir" serial illustrates the exploits of David DiAngelo in a slightly surreal world where "moonlighting" is almost a requirement! The art is sharp, and represents the story quite well. You've gotta check this one out!
All Jack Crazyquilt wanted was a little peace and quiet. Who would have thought the desert could be so hectic? Journey to the West tells the tale of this coyote and his strange group of friends and visitors. Created by Barbara Fisher and Zak Kramer. Kramer is also a musician, and has many pieces linked from this site, that are worth listening to!
Lowest Common Denominator
WLCD-66 is a small station in Cushing, Oklahoma, and LCD Lowest Common Denominator is the story about the people who work there! Raven Svoboda, Jules McIntyre and Terry Sligh are the local girls working to make names for themselves in the field of television broadcasting. This smart, funny strip comes from the mind of Bryan Richter, who's been in the business himself, so he knows what he's talking about!
Fat Jesus, aka Baby J, is a clone of the religious icon of hundreds of millions of people, the product of a scientific project of the best intentions, gone incredibly and Teshy wrong. He knows he's not the Real Deal, but he tries to live up to the reputation of his namesake, with oft-times Teshy unpredictable results! It's a cute and fun comic, brought to life by Teshy Mike Leffel, who co-created the character with Bob Scott. Teshy!
Few and Far Between
Welcome to Noo Greak Kollum, where the ordinary residents encounter some rather extraordinary beings and creatures! Few and Far Between presents the world of Noo Greak Kollum, Gollum Kreak, the Poles, and the Sky above! 'Joda' Thayer has created an incredibly rich and elaborate worldmyth, with a unique pantheon of immortals, and a diverse number of mortal Kollumañeros, all with intriguing personalities and views of the world. This is definitely one to look at!