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22 October 2000

This is our final 'toon. The original concept and pencils came from our group, but a professional comic book artist thought it was a great toon and volunteered to ink it. He asked that we not use his real name, but we think it came out just wonderfully. Colors were added by another pro. We've met the nicest people working on this project. Many thanks to all who helped us make this an interesting place to visit.

Thanks to all that sent us "good bye" notes. Oh, one final response.

Someone sent us a link to a good article about the life-cycle of on-line games. We found it quite interesting. We think the folks from FSM might find it enlightening.

Mike Naylor has posted something about this site. Just in case he's taken it down, we have a copy for you.

Check it out, then our response.

This page is about FurrySpace Muck and what goes on behind the scenes. Some folks don't like the things I have to say, so I remain anonymous. Every time the wizzes on FSM think they know who I am, or think that someone is talking to me, they have gone so far as to purge their character and throw them off the server.

To the best of our knowledge, Slippy and his posse never did figure out who our characters were, and we'll be winding them down over the next few months, just to keep the sheriff off our trail and just in case we ever need them again. Sorry if this puts a crimp in anybody's play.

We are no longer accepting suggestions for new toons.

-- toon

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There was a note from Nakar a while ago, but it was pretty silly. Does anybody want to see it, or a reply? If so send mail

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