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1.4.4 Seeing Who's Around

Space on the MUCK is divided into `rooms', which may or not be described to resemble actual interior rooms. There may be numereous people online, but not in the same room as you.

The names of characters in the same room as you will be appended to the room's description in a list of the room's `Contents'. Some things in the list may not be connected characters, however: some may be things, some may be puppets, and some may be characters who are not online (they're `asleep'). To get a list of online characters in the same room, type who in lower case. In rooms set Dark, the `Contents' list will not appear: there may or may not be other players present. Guest Rooms and New Player Start rooms are often set Dark.

To see who's online on the MUCK as a whole, type WHO, all upper case, or 3who for a shorter, three-column list.

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