@prog cmd-@purge
1 9999 d
1 i
$include $lib/strings
$include $lib/match
: main
   "me" match me !
   "=" .split strip
   "yes" stringcmp if
      "Use \"@purge <player>=yes\" to purge a player's possessions."
      me @ swap notify pop exit
   strip .noisy_pmatch
   dup not if pop exit then
   dup me @ dbcmp not
   me @ "wizard" flag? not and if
      "Permission denied." .tell
      pop exit
   "Beginning purge." .tell
   0 sleep
   dbtop begin
      int 1 - dup 0 > while dbref
      dup ok? not if continue then
      dup player? if continue then
      over over owner dbcmp if dup recycle 0 sleep then
   repeat pop pop
   me @ "Purge complete." notify
@set cmd-@purge=W
#ifdef NEW
@action @purge=#0=tmp/exit1
@link $tmp/exit1=cmd-@purge