Who is Diane and why am I wasting my time with her home page?

Here's a little information about me, and my web page. I'm a 22 year old freak, born December 1st, which makes me some or other star sign I don't really care about. I have white hair and green eyes with magenta (sometimes more purple) rings around the pupils. I'll have photos up as soon as I get a scanner. The things that most people find interesting about me are my tattoos... tiger stripes over my back and shoulders, and a small stylized raven which you'll probably never see. I currently live in (or at least own a house in) Los Altos, California. I work for Sylver/Atlantis P-CA in a position which could only be described as manager/supervisor, PR, and meeting coordinator all rolled into one, as well as being the girl who always has to fill the staplers since nobody else remembers to do it. But I bet I make more money than you do. :) My main hobbies are drawing, (charcoal and 6B pencil,) painting, (acrylic and watercolor,) and sculpture. (Soapstone and plaster.) My other interests include BDSM, bad techno music, video games, and Furry. I have a character named Diane on FurryMUCK, and one named Dianne on Tapestries. (An adult-only muck, where the name Diane was unfortunately taken.) I'm bisexual and "switch" though I lean more to the submissive side. Those who know me well know that I have fantasies about being raped by snakes, tentacles, monster plants, and giant insects. But I'd never put something like that on my web page where just anyone can read it.

On my semi-useless page, you'll find some stuff about me, pictures of my FurryMUCK character by all the people who were nice enough to draw me, and links to other places much cooler than my page. The graphics on this page were done by a good friend (and bf of 5 years) who does some nice digital art, and some 'traditional' drawing.