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Usenet News Installed!

We now have a working Usenet News feed. Usenet is a huge collection of articles on hundreds of seperate topics. We don't have the resources, capability, or desire to have a full and complete news feed here.

So, we have a partial news feed. In an attempt to maximize our resources, only the groups someone actually wishes to read are being requested. To request a group be carried, use the form and log in with your username and password.

We will be happy to carry almost any group someone wishes us to carry, that our upstream provide can provide us access to. If you send mail and request a group, we will keep that information private. Some people might be embarrased to ask for alt.binaries.erotica.beanie-babies or alt.fan.hanson.die.die.die or alt.sex.wizards or alt.sex.beastiality.with.chickens.whilst.wearing.rubber.knickers or even something as strange as comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy. Don't be. Send the mail, the admin will set it up and not worry about it.

(At the time of this writing, those are all real newsgroups! Can you believe it? comp.os.ms-windows-advocacy? Bizarre!)

If you can't find a newsgroup that's helpful, feel free to email and ask for help, and someone will try and get back to you with suggestions.

You can download a reasonably current list of newsgroups which we can recieve for you. This is a text file, which is quite large - over 400k - and may take a few moments to download. I reccomend the "Find on this page" function in your browser.

To read news, you can use one of the news readers available via Telnet (trn, tin, nn, slrn, emacs or pine) or an NNTP news reader on your own computer, such as Netscape Messenger, or Outlook Express or others.

To configure the news reader, use:

If you have any questions, problems or issues, please email news@rdwarf.com.


This page is Copyright © 2001, Louis Erickson.