Skunk Photos

These are photos that people have sent or tried to send to the skunk mailing list. For technical reasons, the list dosen't like most attachments, so they wind up where only I, the list maintainer, can see them. I try and put them on the web where everyone can see them.

Shelor Brumbeloe has a whole bunch of really cute skunk photos on her web site. There may be those on the list who hold strongly differing opinions, but I have a hard time thinking they won't find some cute photos there.

The following skunks are here, click on the picture to see it:

Skunk Owner Thumbnail Size
Bushi Lynnda and Rhett Butler Bushi 24K
Mocha Lynnda and Rhett Butler Mocha 35K
Lotte Frank ? Lotte 18K
Morton Alex ? Morton 25K
Pepe Karen Vance Pepe 37K
Snickers R Porter Snickers 91K
Skittles R Porter Skittles 73K
Violet Cathy Violet 29K
Violet Cathy Violet 8K
Felix Christian Bleimhofer Felix 45K
Pepe Frank ? Pepe 13K
Pepe Frank ? Pepe 56K
Lotte Frank ? Lotte and cat 81K
Lotte Frank ? Lotte eats a fish 18K
Lotte and Pepe Frank ? Lotte and Pepe 40K
Lotte Frank ? Lotte in a pot plant 55K
Lily Patricia Cummings Lily 41K

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