I've been setting up a new MUCK, and have been scrounging for useful MUF programs that people can use on thier own systems. What I've done here, is to collect a list of the most useful other things on the net and put them all together.

Creator URL:
Foxen ftp://ftp.belfry.com/pub/fuzzball/fbmuf/
I would be remiss if I didn't start off with the amazing collection of MUF avaliable at http://www.belfry.com/, also the home of FuzzBall, the server I tend to use and prefer. This archive has much base code by Foxen, and others, including Lynx, and GreyWolf. Much of this is also avalible as a starter database for FuzzBall it's self, ready to run. Documentation for FuzzBall is on that site as well. A worthy stop.
Loki http://www.rdwarf.com/wwonko/muf/
This is the MUF code I have written for Reality Fault to handle some various things.
Triggur ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/pf/pferd/Triggur-muf/
This is a set of programs written for FurryMUCK that control several interesting things, including mass transit, and a useful plaer/morph editor suite.
Riss ftp://ftp.mcs.net/mcsnet.users/riss/furry/
This is Riss, the 'W' centaur from FurryMUCK's MUF archive, and it includes his excellent 'whospe', and his snowball machine. Also, the 'ride' commands, and some other neat tools. Good Stuff!
Brian Kendig
These are freely usable programs. They work well, and have some very hand utility (sort, etc) code with them.
Ginger http://www.yiff.org/services/muck.html
These pages contain some interesting things, including a throw program, a general object editor, a msgmacs lister, a WHO repalcement, an exit manager (so you don't use false exits), a staff and wizard list tool, a tracker for unread BB messages, and a program to draw ASCII fish on your screen, and others. These are used on FurToonia, and should be reasonably tested. I didn't explore any of them myself. Both pages seem to have mostly the same conent, in different formats. I don't know if one is more or less current than the other.
I'll also note that there's a very useful list of standard libraries and of common macros. This list has saved me repeatedly.
Nekirad/Foxx Fox http://granicus.if.org/~firmiss/muf/
This site has a MUF manual, a weather generator, a couple of other random things, and TRaM - Temporary Random Morph. This is the code that pushes the famous Vixen Vending Machine on Furry, and the Otterizer and the like.
DragonMUCK http://dragon.muck.com/~dragon/muf.html
Several MUF programs here, which I didn't really look at. Globals, a whospe, a playeredit, a quota.
Raven http://users.vnet.net/raven3/muf/raven/mufindex.html
This is a page from Raven, at ChaosMUCK, who has provided more than a few programs for use on his page. There's lots of administration tools and front ends to server commands here. They seem to try to be easy to use, also. I haven't checked them out in detail.
Rika http://www.concentric.net/~Spectral/muf.htm
Another site from DragonMUCK, providing some more of thier commands, and some enhancements and repalcements for standards, like the editor library and lsedit.
Jaffa http://www.enteract.com/~drac/timescape/jtam/muf.html
This is a page with some MUF and MPI bits from TimeScape MUCK, by Jaffa. He give permission to re-use on the page. The page includes an @mpi command, an installer tool, several libs (multiname, fake, puppet, wrap, path) some macros (which are documented), a complex look program, "fake" objects, a morph program (in MPI) and a global-action (IE: hug) program.
Fek http://www.squeep.com/~fek/
Fek has links so some MUF and to some Fuzzball docs regarding the flags in the system. Apparently confusion about those is universal. The MUF includees a look, a whospecies, a guest system, a shout program, a chatter system, and a prop-search program.
Wog http://www.cs.brown.edu/people/car/muf/
Wog has got programs to handle ansi color, OOC say/pose, autosweep, a tool to make an exit cost pennies, a roller coaster simulation, chat channels, a filter for Jaffa's look program, a mucker list, a player-chown program, a teleport tool, a bank-withdraw program, and a tape-recording program.
Warwick http://www.sable.demon.co.uk/muf/
This is Warwick's public collection of MUF, including his famous Say program. There are also a recycle tool, a property managing tool, a quickie morph program, an an improved @xmpi command.

If any of these links don't work, please email me at wwonko@rdwarf.com and I'll see if I can't fix them. Enjoy!

By the way, I got some of these by going to AltaVista and asking it for:

(url:.muf AND program) AND NOT host:.muf

in the 'Advanced Search'. You should be able to get the same result, if you like, give it a try.

This link has been behaving oddly; you might want to try your own query.

I've also gotten good results by typing the names of MUF programs I had in to Google.