Fuzzball server docs

This is a collection of documentation from the fuzzball 5.56 distribution. If you downloaded the server, you have this.

I have renamed all the text files to have an extension of txt and not to contain dots, spaces, and other characters that DOS and/or Windows is going to choke on, as there are people on those platforms who could benefit from these.

I've also created some sub-directories to sort out the command docs, the MUF docs and the MPI docs, to somewhat simplify filenames.

The basic docs

These documents are general purpose items, and interesting to everyone or no one.

File name Description
COPYING.txt Describes redistribution permissions for fb5.56
README.txt Contains notes on what each file was. Uses old file names.
bugreport.txt Document describing how to file a bug report in Fuzzball.
dev-history.txt Interesting history of development on Fuzzball.
rwho.txt Describes how to use the RWHO protocol. Fuzzball apparently supports it.
sample-aup.txt A suggestion of a possible Acceptable Use Policy.
support.txt Pointer to a document describing where to go to get help with Fuzzball.

More docs

These directories contain some more specific docs on things.

Directory Contents
commands/ Several descriptions of all the built-in MUCK commands.
mpi/ Programming reference for the MPI language.
muf/ Programming reference for the MUF language.