Extract Kyocera Sounds

I owned a Kyocera 7135 Smartphone. I used it for two years, until it got battered around one too many times, and began to get stranger and stranger. I think it is the perfect form factor for a phone, and am sad the Treo uses the shape it does. I miss the flip protecting the screen and the grafitti area.

I also noticed that the sounds that came with the new Treo 700p I bought were nowhere near as nice as the good ones from the Kyocera.

A screen protector and the belt clip thingie should keep the screen safe, and TealPoint Software's TealScript lets me write on the Palm again.

The sounds were more annoying. I found a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter, and planned to just digitize them. I dimly recalled, however, seeing something that looked like sound names go by in Backup Buddy (another incredibly useful Palm program!) and went and looked.

In the File Manager - a nice Kyocera extra I'm going to miss - I found that I could copy any database to the SD card. I also found a PDB file with the name of my preferred ring. When I sorted by type and/or creator, all the sounds turned right up.

That's when I wondered if I could get the bits right out of the phone, without having to sample them again.

I copied them all to the SD card, stuck it in my PC, and then copied them to files. Nothing would play the PDB files, though.

Google found me several pages, one of which was kyocera_6035_pdb.txt. (Also available locally.)

This was information about making a wav file or MP3 file in to the PDB files that the Kyocera wants to play. It was pretty straightforward to go the other way, and extract the sounds from the Kyocera's files.

It was even easier once I thought to look on CPAN and find the Palm::PDB module, which reads the PDB files perfectly, letting me just push the data around the way I want to.

The extract_kwc_sound.pl program I wrote uses that module, and the common unix sound manipulation program sox to build regular mp3 and wav files from the Kyocera PDBs.

Every one I tried worked, but I only tried the ones that came with the phone.