Cool graphic by Inari.

This is a collection of images of Loki that various people have made.

As I get more people to make images, I will add them here. I'm on a deliberate quest for images of Loki now, and we'll see what we get.

I know my thumbnails are terrible.

Thumbnail info Artist Size of Origional Comment
JPEG, 74K Tanaquil About 8 1/2" by 11" This is a Loki that Tanaquil did using the desc from FurryMuck and the personality she knows me to have. This is a sketch, and has yet to be inked.
JPEG, 113K 14 1/2" by 17" This is the Loki that Turbine Divinity from FurryMUCK did from the same description and Loki's goal of being in the West Corner of the Park with all sorts of the furs that he knows.
JPEG 25K Sparkstealer 14" by 11 1/4" This is Loki, according to Sparkstealer, also from FurryMUCK. She's way cool, and made way cool Loki art.
GIF 13K Ellik aka Mike Naylor 23" by 14" This piece was a Christmas gift from Mike and Kelly Naylor, who play Ellik and Delia on FurryMUCK, and were good friends of mine. It's a drawing, in Mike's beautiful black and whites of Loki, in the four-armed skunktaur shape I've been using lately. It's very special to me, because it was so out of the blue, and so very lovely. Even though Mike and I don't get along well any more, it's still lovely art and I enjoy it.
GIF 17K Tygger L. Graf 9" by 12" This is Loki, and Moira Galand, walking through the snow, some unnamed place. I had this commissioned to send to a bunch of my friends as a Christmas card. It's a nice piece, and another good drawing of Loki as the four-armed skunktaur.
GIF 8K Unknown Digital - 6028x3868 This is a gift from a good friend of mine, Collie. The artists is unknown, and that's apparently how they'd like it to stay. It was a giant scan that I've reduced stunningly - to 10 percent of the starting size. It's a lovely picture and probably the best drawing of the big skunk-taur, with all four arms and feet showing, even if the sofa dosen't look happy about it.
It's a wonderful piece and I'm thrilled by it, every time I look at it.
68K Zhora aka Christene Klunder 9" by 12" This is a commission I had Zhora do. It took her a very long time, mostly because she wasn't happy with it and kept messing with it. I'm very pleased with it, and think it's a great picture, so it was apparently worth all the work. Nobody does the huge fluffy tail like Zhora does, and it works well here.

Here is a story of Loki; 'The lay of Thrym'.

I found a place which has a recording of a reading of some modern Icelandic which is apparently pretty darn close to Old Norse.

A random comment from a friend: "Ooo! Lou! I used to know how to call somebody a Very Disagreeable Person (Fucking Bastard) in Ancient Icelandic! I know a person who can read it. Jafnavamather. Or Japnavamather. There are at least two characters in it that I don't have on the keyboard and can't type. It's "yop" or "yof" for the first syllable, and the rest is as it looks."