Carroll Waynewright St. Genevieve

This is a collection of images of Carroll that various people have made.

Carroll is a character I play in the Starfall game on Reality Fault. The logs of those games are all up on the web, if you want to know more about the character.

Thumbnail info Artist Size of Origional Comment
PNG 44K Mike Naylor about 36" x 12" This is a picture of Carroll, Horatio, and the Saucy mare, drawn by Mike Naylor, in his very distinctive style. Mike was playing Dimitri in the Starfall game with us, and gave each of us a copy of these for Christmas one year. They're large pieces, wide and narrow.
PNG 52K Mike Naylor about 36" by 12" This is the other picture in the set from Mike, with his character Dimitri, and Collie's character Alex, and the Saucy Mare again.
PNG 94K Brian McKinney 8.5" x 11" I met Brian McKinney at a gaming convention in the San Francisco Bay area, and commissioned this color drawing of Carroll. I think it's quite well done, and am quite pleased with what I got from someone who had only a one paragraph description of the character.
PNG 37K Christopher Schenck 8.5" x 11" I commissioned this drawing of Carroll from Christopher Schenck at the same convention as the one above. He usually does comic art, as well. It's interesting the difference in the character from the same description.
PNG 73K Christopher Schenck 8.5" x 11" Christopher Schenck also included his sketches of the character as he developed it. I kind of liked the sketched character, so I thought I'd put it up here, too.