The Jive and Valspeak Bible

About five years ago, I ran into a little filter thing called "jive", and anoter called "valspeak". These little usenet gems converted general text into "jive" or "valley" speak.

We had fun with them. I had this great idea - Let's jive the bible! But, typing it in was work, and no one wanted to mess with it.

I heard not much later, about a neat thing called Project Gutenberg, a plan to make copyright-free stuff avalible to the masses in plain ascii. I liked this, and had to approve. They had the bible, and I immediately thought, "I want to jive the bible!" but getting it (a 4MB file!) onto my PC with it's 10MB hard disk was a problem.

I forgot about it.

I ran into the FTP site for them not long ago, and snagged the file Times have changed.

I just also found the jive and valspeak programs again. And wow, was better than I ever imagined.

I've added the Swedish Encheferizer to my system, so I've added that to the bible-files as well. I also decided keeping the unmangled entry would be fun for comparison and ease of future go-rounds.

Here's chapter 1 and a little of chapter 2 of Genesis:

Enjoy. I sure did!

Note: I'm not doing this to offend anyone. If you are offended, please accept my apology for your small-mindedness in advance. This has been done as a lark, and as something that sounded fun, and turned out to be fun. I don't expect everyone to think this is funny, but I did, and thought I'd share. You decide for yourself.