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This is where all my political cartoons are kept, from newest to oldest. If you have any comments on the toons, please send them to me, toon. While I don't think I'll be doing any new toons, I love to get mail. :-)

22 Oct 2000

The Uncanny Ex-Toon :-)

14 Oct 2000

What really makes the news on FSM.

30 Sep 2000


24 Sep 2000


03 Sep 2000

"fooled again?"

27 Aug 2000

"Got milk?"

20 Aug 2000

"Go boldly!"

12 August 2000

"abuse of power"

"this one's for Mystique's player who didn't deserve the treatment she got, nor would any innocent party."

- The Old FSN Cartoonist

30 July 2000

"all hail the System!"

16 and 23 July 2000

"Friends of Slip"

08 July 2000

"truth? don't think so"

02 July 2000

"size don't matter"

24 June 2000

"double standards"

18 June 2000

"Happy Father's Day"

09 June 2000

"carnival ride"

04 June 2000


28 May 2000

"Et tu, Moira?"

thank you.

after all the twistings and turnings you saw through to the simple horror of a simple truth.

victory loved moira

mike [Victory's player]

21 May 2000

"edible resources"

14 May 2000


7 May 2000


From an article by Mr. Irwin Cotler for the The Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust:
It is our responsibility, then, to break down the walls of indifference, to shatter the conspiracies of silence wherever they may be. For neutrality, as Elie Wiesel put it, always means coming down on the side of the victimizer, never on the side of the victim. In a word and we must adhere to this ourselves if we are to convey this to others: neutrality in the face of evil whether of individuals or states is acquiescence in, if not complicity with, evil itself. It is not only abandonment of the victim; it is encouraging the victimizer.

Frankly, I stand by the toon. What the Wizzes did was evil and wrong. To be sure, a *little* evil and a *little* wrong, and that's why the wiz figure is in a children's uniform, and has a little bow on her head... but to remain silent is to give them implicit permission. Anyone that doesn't stand against evil is doing evil.

1 May 2000