We received a note from someone that left FSM. They made some good points. They didn't want us to use their name because, to quote them:

I can't trust Toon to not butcher and misrepresent my statements to construe them into an endorsement of the site and what it says.

The note, in its entirety is below.

A while ago I decided to cruise back by the toon web site after having forgotten about it since giving up my roles on the muck known as Furryspace MUCK. I noticed the spat that had seemed to errupt between some of the members of the vindictive organization attacking FSM at every turn, and it really didn't strike me as a terrible shock, however, having experience with Mike Naylor's inherent selfish nature online.

Having been away from FSM for months and months now, I'm enjoying everything to the fullest, and really appreciating my view as a complete outsider in all things reguarding what I've seen. Watching the sprouting of vindictive websites attacking other vindictive websites created by combative individuals who betray themselves and attack on childish levels, the way in which they childishly attack those they originally stood against, devoid of intellect and thirsty for silly revenge, instead of living your lives happily.

Since leaving FSM and any degree of vindictive, political, online fighting, my life has improved dramatically. I'm once again active in the art scene, and maintain a healthy comradery with other artists who I didn't see as much with my time monopolized online. My worklife has improved dramatically, and my moods have shifted to a prolonged upswing, as I release the hatreds and the frustrations that well up within me after the merciless attacks launched against me by this website, my spiritual life has improved dramatically as well, further wethered by personal attack, and mastering the art of letting go and realizing what is really important, in both my job, my personal life, my friendships, and my country.

As I see both websites continuing their vein of revenge and snotty post-ups stabbing someone's work, I can't help but be glad that I'm living so well away from it all. I only hope now that perhaps you can better appreciate the position I was in when I had to deal with Mike Naylor's online personas, given your own experiences, and the knowledge that he's been repeatedly asked to leave multiple online RP games.

I can only say that you'll never be happy attacking. I'm proof. You'll love letting go, and you'll truely appreciate your lives if you work to build them to what you can admire, a rewarding existance with priorities that truely matter, instead of letting the poison of revenge and venom build within you so that you're always thinking of anger, hate, and how you can get back at whomever this week and the next. It must be a tiring way to exist.

Our correspondent is exactly on point. Getting caught up in the illusion of the 'net can never replace simple human contact, or real effort and accomplishment. Get off the computer and go talk to some real, live people. If it's not fun, why are you doing it?

I'm not sure where folks got the idea that we're just seething with the "poison of revenge and venom" or full of anger and hate. (I sure hope they're not confusing our motivations with Mike Naylor's.)

The main reason that we started this was to expose some of the unpleasant, hidden dirty-dealing that was going on behind the scenes. We wanted to make people think about what was going on, and what their silence was condoning. We did that.

We were also interested in helping some of the (more reasonable) folks remember that "furry fandom" and on-line "relationships" weren't the be-all and end-all of life. We certainly did that.

Finally, we wanted to poke Brian/Slippy real hard and make him jump. We wanted him to remember that real power comes from earning the respect of others, and can't be bought or sold. While I have it on good authority we did make him jump, it remains to be seen what he's learned from this experience. We wish the folks on FSM luck, but we're not going to hold our breath...

That's all, folks. This is where we turn out the lights and throw tarps over the furniture. Hope you had as much fun reading our stuff as we had putting it together.

-- Bob Simpson, writing for toon.

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