At http://www.rdwarf.com/toon/ there are a collection of politcal cartoons which reflect conditions observed in a gaming environment known as FurrySpaceMuck, run by Brian Johnson. The cartoons were allegedly done by a mysterious person whose name was only known as "Toon". Toon was created during a dinner discussion in a restaraunt near San Jose by Collie "Zalitha" Collier, Bob Simpson, Scott Ruggles and myself. Collie, if I remember right, suggested that if Scott did the art and I inked it, the result would be unrecognizable. Toon was a four headed beast. Bob Simpson wrote the editorials and maintained the page. Collie helped suggest toons and managed many of the uploads and coordination issues. Scott Ruggles did all the pencils and I did the inking, except for those toons where Scott inked them as the previous FSN editoral cartoonist. We all contributed to a roundtable in which the toons were discussed and chosen.

The toons were, in many case, biting, bitter and mean. and i know several people were hurt by them. I regret my involvement with toon, I am sorry for the hurt I have caused, and I apologize for my actions.