Yes, Mike Naylor is correct. He is indeed toon. He asked for our aid because he felt he was being attacked, belittled, and betrayed on FSM. He wanted some way to speak out without being subjected to continued attack. We gave our aid freely, since we considered him a friend. Now that he has decided to leave the group we have no reason to continue doing this.

Unfortunately when Mike chose to leave, he chose to betray our trust. We hope that others can learn from our mistake. We cannot imagine that anyone would be foolish enough to trust Mike in any capacity in the future.

We also feel that it is our responsibility to announce that everyone in the toon organization had access to all the email toon received. We have every intention to honor our commitment to keep anything that was sent to toon confidential and private. However, it is possible that Mike will use anything that was sent to toon in his efforts to continue to hurt others.

We don't think Mike actually changed his mind about working with toon. We think he did this to get back at some of the other people on RealityFault. Specifically, Mike was asked to leave two GM'd games, and in Mike's game one of the players dropped out because they felt the game was heavily scripted. Mike's subsequent attempts at retribution for being slighted in this way led to a heated discussion where he was asked to back up his accusations, and to "put up or shut up."

His response was complete and final. He abandoned his players, demanded everything associated with his game be removed, threatened legal action, and decided to betray those people he had previously asked for help in organizing toon.

In no way are we trying to imply that Mike forced us to participate in the toon organization. We're adults. We made the choice to do it, knowing it would make some people angry with us. But we didn't put up anything that wasn't already common knowledge (even if no one would discuss it openly), or anything we're ashamed of. Some of the toons were damn funny.

And Brian is still a poop. :-)


Bob Simpson
Collie "Zalitha" Collier
Scott Ruggels

P.S. This week's toon wasn't inked by Mike. We replaced him with a piece of software. Next week's toon is inked by a professional artist that volunteered to help. We're flattered he enjoyed our efforts enough he wished to contribute. That will be the final toon, but this site will remain.

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