toon's page for thank you's!

This is my page to say a big thank you! to all the nice people who've helped me (toon) make this toons site a reality.

First to Loki and his, for both giving me a place to stay, AND for posting for me on FM! It was very brave of him to allow such free expression here, although I did not realize how much when I started this.

This space is reserved to thank anyone that sends in any of the old cartoons from FurrySpace. Whoever that guy was, he's my inspiration and I'd like to give his wonderful work a home that won't go away if I do. Also, if you have political cartoons you'd like to see go up, please send them to me. I want this site to be a place for freedom of speech.

To my American roommate who doesn't want to be named but who corrects my English here on line. I sound so smart now!

I will thank more people as I need to. For now, please enjoy the toons. Since there is no place for dissent to be expressed on FurrySpaceMuck I will try to be an anonymous voice for the people here. Please send me (toon) any interesting, funny, or wrong things that you have seen happen, and I will try to make them into political cartoons. Thank you!