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First off, a big thanks to Loki for providing the web space.

All HTML was written by hand, or by my own cgi programs. Graphics were generated with DPaint V and ImageFX 2.5. The display faces used are the charmingly-named Lots Of Dead Crack Babies (the main title on the top) and Buttercrumb (menu text), both of which are something like PD. These pages are designed for about 640x400 resolution, with minimal scrolling required, but use whatever colors I feel like with no regards to any 'standard palette'. A truecolor display would be nice.

Like the rest of the web, this site is perpetually under construction, or possibly left dormant for aeons. I prefer not to clutter up my layout with tacky Icon Men Working animgifs, but take it as given that more stuff works than the last time you've visited. The news page tells you what's up with this site and my life now. Sometimes.

Things you won't find here: 'Blah Now!' buttons, 'Optimized for a bigger monitor than you have', seven webrings in a row, Javascript, Shockwave, or pretentious poses that 'HTML is just a markup language and not for layout!'. If you want to find that, try going to

I do have a couple of pretty link buttons for the use of anyone who wishes to link to my site and likes having their link pages full of images carefully designed to clash with each other.

Onsite links are lavender or pale blue (if visited), while off-site links are the same, but in italics.

And, finally, to state what should be obvious, all graphics, text, and other data found on this server are © Peganthyrus unless otherwise noted.

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