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I was born in England somewhere in the beginning of the 1920s to a rather traditional family, in a clutch of two other girls and one boy.

The usual growing up occured.

Complicated by discovering a preference for a humanoid form rather than the natural bus-sized, four-legged one, and for non-draconic lovers.

With one thing and another, I wound up around Furrymuck somewhere in the end of 1995. On December 20, 1997, I and Ravenscroft got married. At present, we have an egg waiting to hatch.

Oh, and I breathe fire, not acid. Any munchkins who protest this and point to their copies of the AD&D Monster Manual* will be eaten.

*Or the AD&D 2nd Ed. Monstrous Compendium. For you niggling precisionist munchkins who were suckered into buying the Second Edition instead of just adding various house rules, or playing GURPS instead.

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